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They Should Call It Hardball


Courtesy of Beacons Athletics 




The Lady Beacons have been one of the best spring teams on campus over the past few years. In 2011, they won 23 games, and they’ve already won 15 match-ups in 2012. The team is built upon a fantastic offense led by freshman slugger Amanda Perry. The ladies are also very solid defensively, with a team ERA of 3.9. The club is led by veteran captains Sue Killilea, Lisa Polsonetti, and Maria Nasta. Nasta recently chatted with the Mass Media about the ladies’ progress so far in 2012.

At 15-15, how would you evaluate your performance this year? Do you still have a shot at attaining the goals you set for yourselves?

Overall this year, our performance has been up and down. We have a very talented group of girls. However, our record doesn’t back that up. The conference we are in is the toughest in the area, which makes our competition very tough.

Who has really stepped up this year and made the biggest contributions for you guys?

Personally, I think it has been a team effort in the games we have performed well in. And the ones we have done not so well in, it has also been a team effort. When we play well we are very good, but it’s a matter of playing good softball consistently.

What would you say has been the strength for you guys this year?

This year has been rough for us. We lost our starting shortstop due to a knee injury, and we had a small squad to begin with. We have someone out as well due to a concussion, but overall, we have been making the best of what we have. Our pitchers have stepped up their games to help us out a lot. We have a senior (Kara Willis) and a freshman (Michelle Zullo) doing the pitching. They have been playing their best for us this season. For them to pitch as many games as they have in such a short season is huge for us, and we credit them a lot.

Do you feel like the team has enough young talent to be successful in the future?

The talent on this team right now is very young, and with the talent we have now, I see successful things happening in the future. We will only graduate four seniors this year, all […] big contributors. There will be shoes to fill and I think, with the core of the team that will be left, they will get the job done.

Going forward, what are your hopes for this team? What would a realistic goal be for your finish?

We have very high hopes of our season, and we are still looking at those goals. We plan to make it to the LEC tournament and make the best of our season, no matter where we finish.