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2012 Men’s Summer Style Guide

The author wears a “loud” green polo shirt and classic summer boat shoes

Nature’s heat dial is being turned up and the blazing sun is showing off its best side. So what are you planning to wear in these upcoming heat waves? We know you want to look fashionable but still stay comfortable in the high temperatures. Clothing with heavy material or too much of it would obviously be a bad choice. But you also probably don’t want to be showing off everything your momma gave you on the boardwalk either.

There are many different styles of clothing for you to pick from this summer and we have a few tips to help keep you looking your best. First off, pink is a color that can be hard to pull off, not because it looks bad, but because it takes a lot of confidence to do so. If you dare, bright color choices are extremely popular this season. Standout hues like yellow, blue, green and red are great compliments to any basic outfit. Zesty and rusty orange shades are also very popular this year as well.

One of the most on trend ways to wear and display these fantastic colors is to pick out a basic garment in an unexpected shade. Try on a Ralph Lauren polo shirt or a pair of chinos in a bright tone. Remember to balance out the glare of your garment choices with other more subtle pieces. You don’t want to look overly flamboyant now do you?

The right fit is also essential when it comes to picking out your clothing for this year. An impeccably fit navy blue or beige blazer can set the tone for a semi-formal night while still keeping it casual. Boat shoes are also a great choice when it comes to summer shoes. They remain a perfect addition to any casual outfit since they are comfortable and not overly beachy. We recommend looking for a pair of Sperry’s in a neutral shade like black or brown.

Now on to shorts: As far as material goes, linen is a great choice because it’s a breathable fabric and resists wrinkles. Keep in mind to stay away from out of style baggy cargo shorts. The huge pockets bow out at the sides and force shorts to sag. Try picking slimmer fit shorts in different cargo patterns like bold plaids or seersucker; even plain khaki is a safe choice.

The secret to a great pair of men’s shorts is finding ones that don’t stray away from a straight line while running from hip to hem. And while we’re on the subject of hems, they should always end an inch or two above the knee.

So this season remember to think bright, stick to clean lines, and keep it light. Summer is the time to stay cool and look even cooler.