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Student Ramble; HBO’s ‘Sport in America’ is godsend


Sports play such a major role in people’s lives, and that is what “Sport In America” is trying to capture

If you’re at all like me, you enjoy talking about sports and reminiscing about great moments more than you like watching the sports themselves. Whether it’s in class before (or sometimes during) a lecture, at work, or just with friends, telling stories is possibly the greatest activity associated with sports.

Until now, there has never been a platform for fans to tell these stories or share their personal connections to sports with a national audience. Sports Illustrated and HBO have teamed up to eliminate that drought and give fans a chance to tell their stories to the world. They have created a new documentary series, “Sport In America,” slated to air in 2013, which they have described simply as “Our Defining Stories.” It will call upon historians and celebrities like other shows of its genre such as “Baseball” and “Black Magic,” but in a first, it will feature contributions and commentary from everyday sports fans (that’s you).

So how can you get involved? Well, first of all, think of the athlete, story, game or performance that has had the most impact on your life. Then go to https://www.sportinamerica.com/ where you can record an interview via webcam and send it to the show’s producers, who may choose to have you re-interviewed for the show. While you’re there, you can watch the stories of other fans, some of which are extremely touching, and all of which are fun to watch.

This is the best outlet I’ve ever seen for telling stories about sports, and it is simple enough that anyone can get involved. I implore you to participate in the making of this series. It’s a fantastic platform to share your sports life.


The deadline for recording an interview is February 27th, don’t miss out!