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Winter Staples: Do’s and Don’ts

We dont all have to be walking around in matching Northface jackets, mix it up!
We don’t all have to be walking around in matching Northface jackets, mix it up!

Winter is the season to cover up, but this doesn’t mean you have to wrap yourself up in a sea of knits and sweaters. There is an art to dressing during the cold winter months, and it involves layering, balancing and above all, accessories.

First off, just because we live in New England and it’s freezing, doesn’t mean we all have to walk around the city wearing matching North Face puffy coats. There are lots of different options available at a variety of stores that are just as cozy. Try Zara on Newbury St, and you’ll be sure to find a fashionable wool coat or a cozy fur-lined military jacket to keep you warm during the cold winter months.

Balance is also key when dressing for cold weather. This means that if you are going to wear a chunky knit sweater, you should balance it out with some figure-flattering black skinny pants or body-hugging denim. This way, if you hide one part of your body you can still show off something else, while simultaneously staying warm.

Something else that every woman should have in her closet is a great pair of snow boots. This includes but is not limited to the classic LL. Bean duck boots, a furry pair of Sorel’s ‘Joan of Arctic’ boots, or a warm and comfortable pair of UGG ‘Adirondack’ snow boots. A pair of really great snow boots is a great investment, and something you will use every winter for years to come.

For when it’s not snowing, another winter staple is of course a classic pair of riding boots. A stylish pair of genuine leather riding boots has the ability to instantly dress up and polish any outfit, from everyday casual to trendy and styled. Frye has a great line of leather boots, but if you’re looking for something a little less expensive Steve Madden is always a go-to.

Finally, you simply cannot survive winter without a great set of accessories. Everywhere from Urban Outfitters to Gap sell a wide variety of chunky knit scarves, cable knit mittens, and stylish woven berets. So suit up, get cozy and follow this advice and you’ll be sure to stay warm and fabulous all winter long.