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Sports Spiel 11/14/2012


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The Lakers, the 16-time Larry O’Brien-trophy-winning Lakers, are a joke—from losing in the second round of the playoffs, to making one of the biggest trades in NBA history landing them the number one center in the league, to actually having the opportunity of bringing back Phil Jackson, one of the greatest coaches in the sport. Jim Buss decided to take a different path and bring in Mike D’Antoni after firing Mike Brown five games into the season. That was the punch line, that’s the big #@!% ing joke.

Buss has done just about everything right up until this point. Mike Brown should have never been hired, and Mike D’Antoni shouldn’t be cashing a Laker check. This is the same guy who couldn’t handle the man who brought the Knicks back into barbershop talk, Carmelo Anthony. Is everyone in the league supposed to sit back and believe that D’Antoni will be able to handle Kobe Bryant? It’s complete blasphemy for anyone to say that D’Antoni can lead the Lakers to an NBA championship this year. The man has never been to that stage, he’s never had a starting lineup as great as this one, and everyone in Laker land is supposed to believe that he can do it?

The man’s idea of coaching is to give the ball to the best player on the floor, move everyone out of the way and let him score. That’s his game plan for every single possession of every single game. The man also doesn’t know the meaning of defense. He answers defense with more offense. The Lakers have become a big joke at this moment and it truly is sad to see. They can turn this around if and only if the D’Antoni system works and leads to wins this season, which right now is very doubtful. The joke of the year for the Los Angeles Lakers will be: “Knock, knock. Who’s there? NOT A CHAMPIONSHIP!”