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Three on Three Blind Dating at Your Local Bar, with Grouper Social Club

“Our mission is to end loneliness” -Grouper mission statement

There is a new website gaining popularity, and it makes dating a lot less awkward than one might expect. Grouper Social Club is a group dating website based in New York, and membership is so in demand that there is currently a waiting list.

Yale dropout and Grouper CEO Michael Waxman founded the website in 2011 after breaking up with his girlfriend and moving to New York City. Being in a new place post-break-up and not knowing anyone inspired Waxman to create a dating website which recreates meeting new people in a way that is organic and awkward-silence free.

The idea behind Grouper is to set up drinks at a local bar between three girl friends and three guy friends using information gathered from Facebook. You can start the application process by going to joingrouper.com, allowing access to your Facebook account and answering a few questions.

After you have been approved, Grouper uses both a computer algorithm and actual staff to set you up with a date that is a good match and lives in your area. Then you can grab two friends, pre-pay your first round of drinks at the bar and Grouper will take it from there.

Although the website mostly focuses on information gathered from your Facebook page, it also asks you questions to make your date a great match for you. It asks things like whether you prefer a dive bar, something fancier or something in between and if you are looking for a one-night stand, a relationship or something in the middle.

After deciding on a night that works for everyone in the group, Grouper will send out an e-mail naming the time and the place where the date will take place. Since the first round is already included, you can stay at the bar you are already at or relocate elsewhere for the next round.

Because you are on the date with two of your friends and someone who has also brought along two friends, there is less of a chance that you will run out of things to talk about. This is what differentiates Grouper from just any old blind dating website. Being with two of your close friends makes the whole experience of dating much less nerve-wracking. Not to mention that the rest of your group has a chance to meet someone new and special as well.

Grouper is now setting up drinks between two groups of friends in 12 cities and coming soon to 11 more. The website has been written up in The New York Times, Daily Candy and Thrillest. To find out more about Grouper visit joingrouper.com.