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March 4, 2024
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February 26, 2024
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Bobby's Inside Story
February 26, 2024

Six Overplayed Halloween Costumes

Ladies, how many of you haven’t dressed up as a witch at one point or another? My point exactly.



Every year the best Halloween costumes are those that have been carefully planned out and have had considerable thought and effort put behind them. Costume contests are rarely won by individuals who are wearing something that was bought in a plastic bag from your local iParty. Here I have compiled a list of the six most overplayed and over-worn costumes year after year:

The Vampire

Maybe it’s just me, but ever since Twilight-mania took its hold on America’s youth there has been an overabundance of people dressing up as vampires. The teeth, blood and pale skin don’t allow for too many opportunities to play with your costume or stand out from the rest of the blood-sucking immortals. However, the worst thing about vampire costumes is that everyone is either dressed up as Dracula, Sookie Stackhouse or Edward Cullen.

Harry Potter

Speaking of mega-movie franchises, Harry Potter is an ever-popular costume which both girls and boys feel the need to dress up as. I cannot tell you how many Harry Potters I see come the Halloween party season, and everyone looks exactly the same wearing a dark wig, lightning bolt scar and Hogwarts schoolboy uniform. It’s just not so exciting to dress up as your favorite fictional character when it is as mass-produced as the Harry Potter costume.

The Witch

Okay, okay I’ll admit it – I was a witch for Halloween almost five years in a row at one point in my life. But honestly ladies, how many of you haven’t dressed up as a witch at one point or another? My point exactly. Maybe it’s because we’re in New England, and our close proximity to Salem just beckons us to dress up as these spellbinding sorceresses. Or maybe it’s because of an unhealthy obsession with the movie “Hocus Pocus.” Whatever it is that leads you to dress up as a witch for Halloween, just realize that you certainly won’t be the only one.

Slutty Fill in the Blank

These costumes are everywhere, and they all have the same formula: short skirt, corset top, fishnet stockings and heels. Very creative. Of course there comes a time in every girl’s life when she decides she is going to be a slutty firefighter, a playboy bunny or a skanky bumble bee. And naturally, she thinks she looks great. Truth be told, these costumes are not sexy … they’re sort of desperate. And the attention they will get you will not be good attention.


I’m sorry, but I’ve see enough of this “reality star” everywhere else I look. I shouldn’t be forced to see replicas of this hot mess everywhere I turn come Halloween. And while I’m on the topic of Snooki, let me extend this category of costumes to all cast members of MTV’s “The Jersey Shore.” Not only is the Snooki costume overplayed and overrated, it’s not funny anymore. They cancelled the show for a reason. 

Marilyn Monroe

Yes, she’s a legend and a Hollywood icon, but the Marilyn Monroe costume has become way too common for my liking. The wig, the dress, the reenactment of that scene in “The Seven Year Itch;” all of this almost cheapens Marilyn’s image. This is especially true given the fact that you can simply buy your Marilyn costume in a plastic bag at any old costume store. Side note: not everyone looks good in a bleached blonde wig.