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Moving in with your significant other (in the same school) : Good idea or relationship destroyer?

Does cohabitation ruin college romances?



Welina Farah- Good Idea


Moving in and living with your significant other while at the same college is a great idea. Who is better than the one who has captured your heart would you want to see first thing in the morning and last thing at night? 

Think of it this way: you won’t have to pay as much for rent. Sharing a room becomes something you accept willingly (we’re not even talking about sharing a bed). You two share everything anyways, including that Spider Man toothbrush, so might as well share a living space. Food expenses are down, money spent on travel to see each other is out of the picture and no more going over your minutes with those oh-so-necessary late-night phone calls.

Now, to add to the benefits, your babe is attending the same school as you. This should be a benefit rather than a setback. You will always have a commute buddy. 

What could be deemed questionable is if you’re both in the same major and taking the same classes. Then this might be a problem. Be wary of the time you two spend together. Sometimes alone time is key. 

In order to have a successful time while cohabitating with your lover, you must have a strong backbone of trust. I am not here to lecture you on the ethics of being in a relationship, nor am I the Love Doctor. I am simply stating what I hope is the obvious: Trust comes with time and if you haven’t put in the time, chances are the trust isn’t there either.

Although moving in with your significant other while you’re both at the same school seems pretty overwhelming, if you’re both doing it for the right reasons, to grow together and all that sappy stuff, you’ve got my vote. 


Osahh Aim- Relationship Destroyer


Pardon the nerd talk, but there’s something in economics called the Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility. It basically states that when you consume huge amounts of one good, you reach a certain point where the satisfaction you derive from that good begins to diminish. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not calling people goods, but I think this economic law applies here.

Yes, your relationship is all great and dandy when you see your significant other about five times a week—but what happens when you have to see them twenty-four hours a day, every day? I’ll tell you what happens: you get sick of them.

Think about this: You wake up in the morning, she’s there. You’re eating breakfast, she’s there. You’re in the bathroom; she’s there (you’re probably going to hear her go “number two” someday.) I mean, there’s no such thing as privacy anymore.  BFs/GFs are like whiskey: awesome when you have the right amount. You drink too much of it, you’ll get sick. In fact, its very sight will make you nauseous.

Before you know, you start noticing the little things they do but didn’t know : leaving the toilet seat up, leaving unwashed dishes in the sink, snoring like an asthmatic bear, etc. These things tend to build up and destroy relationships, especially young ones.

Also, when living with your significant other, you’re probably going to end up sharing the responsibilities of the expenses. This means that you guys are going to have to talk about money. A lot.

Having said that, here’s a little tidbit of information: Money is the number one cause of divorces in America. If money is such a huge factor in marriage failure, imagine what it could do to a college relationship.

Moving in with your lover doesn’t only almost definitely ruin your relationship, it could also ruin your academics. How in holy heavens are you going devote enough time to your studies when you live with someone whom you’re very attracted to? I mean, if you guys are in a relationship, then you probably tend to have a lot of fun with each other. I think we can all agree that when it comes to academics, work and play might not necessarily mix very well.

Now I’m no relationship expert, but if you move in with your lover while you guys are in the same university, you’re gonna have a bad time.