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Governor Patrick Visits UMass Boston to Announce $607 Million Grant

Governor Deval Patrick ended his speech by saying, “The combination of these grants and Capital funding is about seeing our future in you- make the most of it.”



Governor Deval Patrick announced that the state’s new 5-year capital plan would include a total investment of $607 million in the UMass System. He made this announcement in person on the UMass Boston Campus Oct. 2, and also revealed that of the $607 million UMass Boston would receive, $100 million to be used towards the construction of General Academic Building 2.

In addition to that $100 million, about $120 thousand dollars are budgeted to create professional development programs and develop civic engagement strategies. UMass Lowell will receive $35 million to construct the Manning School of Business and UMass Amherst will receive $85 million for the construction of a physical sciences building.

$2.5 million dollars are to be dispersed among state universities. Governor Patrick announced that, “The funds will be used for new and existing programs to improve college readiness graduation and success rates. The grants will also expand programs tied to our future workforce needs so that we can better prepare students in high-demand fields.”

The allotted cash is a grant, meaning that the UMass system will not owe the state for any money it receives from the capital budget. Governor Patrick explained that the capital budget is separate from the state’s regular operating budgets, and that capital budget decisions are about “raising money in the bond market to invest in buildings and infrastructure which creates jobs, but it also creates a platform for growth in the future.”

Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance Ellen O’Connor is in charge of the office responsible for getting state funding. She was very pleased to learn about the planned investment. “I heard about it yesterday morning, so it’s very exciting. We’ve been working for a long time here to encourage the state to add their support for additional buildings,” O’Connor Said.

The announcement seemed to inspire confidence and faith in the state government among the students present at the announcement. Avaloi Atkinson, an English and philosophy double major, said “This is why people should vote. This is why people should care, because if you care, then your government will care.”

Stephenson Aman, a new undergraduate senate member said, “It’s amazing; it’s an honor and a privilege to have the governor of your state come down to your school and talk to you. I feel happy that they’re spending money on public higher education.”