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Letter To The Editor

Dear Editor,

Last year, you published an article about how a lot of females (known as “Pinkhats”) are only sports fans because their boyfriends are. Okay, so maybe it didn’t say that exactly, but that’s basically what you were implying. You wrote how these fans are not true fans, and that they show up to games or watch them only because they want to check out the players and flirt with actual diehard fans. Well, I have news for you.

I am female. And, not only that, I’m a sports fan who will never be caught dead wearing a baseball hat that’s pink. Even if I were to wear such a thing as a pink Red Sox hat, it wouldn’t mean that I’m an air-headed flirt only wearing it to get male attention. Screw that, and screw you, too, if you’re going to make that kind of judgment.

Who do you think you are? Oh, that’s right; you’re the sports editor for a D3 college newspaper. So, this gives you the authority to judge women on their choice of attire when it comes to the sports team they support? What does it matter if their hats are pink, or if they are the genuine team colors? They’re showing their pride for New England sports.

Next time you see a group of girls at a game, don’t be so quick to judge. Yes, maybe they are making comments about how cute the players are, and perhaps they should hold off from having that next drink, but they wouldn’t be there unless they were somewhat interested in that team. Besides, so-called “diehard” fans are just as capable of being obnoxious at a game as Pinkhats are. They drink beer and they get loud as the game continues. A girl who shouts “You’re cute!” to a player is like a drunken fan who heckles a player for making a mistake. You don’t seem to mind when a group of guys are yelling, but that’s because they’re “real fans,” right?

Oh, one more thing. Not all fans watch Sports Center, and not all who do are real fans. Just because I might not know the name of every Patriot doesn’t mean I’m not a true fan. If I tried to memorize every player on every team that I’m a fan of, I’d have no time for a life. If you have time to watch Sports Center in the morning, maybe you should reevaluate your social life.