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The Secret Studio

Video Production Center located on the LL of the Healey Library.

UMass Boston seems to have a knack for flying under the radar, not just in terms of recognition from other schools, but also in having some hidden features that are unknown to its very own students. On the UMass campus students can find a pool, a radio station, an ice skating rink and even underground tunnels. One way or another, freshmen are bound to discover the aforementioned things, but one UMass secret they might never discover is the Video Production Center.

Located on the Lower Level in the Healey Library, the Center has managed to keep a low profile despite being very involved in the running of the university. “[The Video Production Center] has grown from just being a facility that shot and edited video to being in charge of all technology on campus,” explained its director John Jessoe.

Jessoe went on to say, “We record all the major events for the Chancellor’s office, whether it’s convocation or commencement. All the major events in the ballroom, we videotape and edit and put up on the website.” Jessoe also said that he has been with the studio since 1982 and originally got paid through work-study. While UMass Boston does not currently have a major that utilizes the studio, Jessoe does hire some work-study students to work for him.

The university’s website boasts that the studio is “capable of producing broadcast quality programming.” This means that it must be equipped with the latest technology in order to keep up with the ever-increasing standards of video production. According to Jessoe, the studio was at one time run only with its own income, but its budget has since become a mix of profits and state funding. “It depends on the project,” Jessoe clarified; “We do have a revenue-generating operation because we don’t get a ton of money for the equipment, so we have to charge for some of our services.” All of the things that the studio does to help the university further its mission are free of charge, of course.

One major thing the Video Production Center does for the university is to provide a professional environment in which to interview professors. Many UMass Boston professors are sought out by local, national and even international programs. So much so, that there is a list on the UMass Boston website of “Faculty Experts” available for interviews.

One such expert is Christian Weller, an associate professor for the department of public policy and public affairs. He’s also listed as an expert in economics, finance and social security. Weller gets interviewed relatively regularly by different news outlets, and he’s even been asked to testify in front of the U.S. Congress on multiple occasions.

In regards to the Video Production Center Weller said, “We’ve used the studio not just for TV matters but also to shoot videos of faculty, the promotional videos on the website.” He went on to say, “It’s a great investment. […] It helps us to brand UMass Boston.”

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