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Something Fresh


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America has been dominated by the same boring sports for too long. It’s time for something new and fresh to break into the mainstream, and the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is that thing. Up until now, you’d have to throw down $60 to see some ultimate fighting, but the UFC is taking a massive step forward by putting out a full fight card on network TV.

The event on Jan. 28 is being billed as “UFC On FOX 2”, and is guaranteed to be bigger and better than it’s predecessor. The original “UFC on FOX” was a disaster, because its lone televised fight (Cain Velazquez vs. Junior Dos Santos for the heavyweight title) ended after less than a minute of action due to a TKO from Dos Santos. After 45 minutes of on-air buildup, you can imagine the disdain the fans (including myself) felt after wasting a Saturday night for less action than a pie-eating contest, but, luckily, the UFC didn’t give up on their mainstream dreams.


And that is how we got to this point. The new and improved event will be live from Chicago and is slated to have three nationally televised fights, with the main event being “Sugar” Rashad Evans vs. Phil Davis for a shot at the light heavyweight title. What makes this event a ‘must watch’ is that even if the main event sucks (which is unlikely), there is a good undercard of fights that should fill up the whole broadcast, including an anticipated matchup of Chael Sonnen and Michael Bisping. With these extra matches, this UFC event looks like it should be must-see TV.


Every sport has that one game that puts it in the public’s mindset. Snowboarding has the 2002 U.S. podium sweep in the Olympics, football has “The Greatest Game Ever Played” and boxing has “The Fight of the Century.” “UFC on FOX 2” should be that defining moment for the UFC. With no real prime time competition and a curious audience that wants to see what this sport is all about, it’s time for the UFC to shine. I think we may be looking at a fifth major sport here, and this event is going to be what propels it to its place at the top of the sports-crazed American mindset. Evans vs. Davis promises to be a show-stopping match full of action, and Bisping vs. Sonnen should be a great match to demonstrate the sport to first time viewers.