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Comics: Not just for kids and guys who live in their parents’ basements

On March 16, the third Boston Comic Con is coming to the Back Bay Events Center. While Boston has never been known for its nerdy gatherings, it has played host to The Science Fiction Convention, Anime Boston and the Boston Comic Con in the last few years. Perhaps someone finally realized that an area that contains more college students than any other metro region in America would be a good place to have a gathering for the cerebral set, especially since it’s home to MIT.

This is the third time the Boston Comic Con has been put on, and it still hasn’t found a permanent location yet. Last year it was at the Hynes Convention Center; this year it’s at the Back Bay Events Center. They also aren’t calling it the third “annual” Boston Comic Con, implying that it may cease at anytime. Still, despite the instability of its existence, the relatively small, one-day event is sure to have something for everyone with an interest in comics, and with just an $8 admission, there’s no reason not to go.

This year’s special guest is Carmine Infantino, co-creator of The Flash and the man responsible for DC Comics’ Silver Age. Carmine has a 60-year history in the comic industry and has performed nearly every job within said industry. He also saved Batman from cancellation by giving him a new look, redesigning the Bat Mobile and creating Batgirl.

Carmine’s history in the comic world is long and impressive; he’s ranked second only to Jack Kirby (the man behind Captain America, the Hulk and the X-Men). His convention appearances are rare, and his attendance at the Boston Comic Con lends much legitimacy to the event.

Other special guests include fantasy artist Ken Kelly, who is considered one of the greatest fantasy painters of our time. Kelly has done numerous book covers and has even worked for the band Kiss.

Paul Ryan, artist for The Phantom’s daily newspaper strips and recently-appointed artist for the Sunday edition as well, will also be in attendance. Many other mainstream and independent comic artists will also make special appearances.

Some things to look forward to at this year’s event: 37 guest artists, pencilers and other members of the comic industry; 42 vendors selling comics, toys, posters, art and other memorabilia; and the guy responsible for the Silver Age comics. Yes, it’s only one day, and compared to comic conventions in other parts of the world, such as the San Diego Comic Con, it’s kind of small. But it’s in Boston, it’s cheap and most importantly, it’s convenient. If you like comics, stop in for a while and check it out.