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Student Senate Platform Statements

Nicolaas LeeI love helping people and am very eager to become more involved with UMASS. Being on the Senate will allow me to do both! I want to help shape UMASS into the college that students will love and remember.

Michael AlliAs a student I see that UMass Boston has so much potential. Due to its location, students, and student opportunities I believe this University is a breeding ground for student innovation and entrepreneurship. As a senator I’m looking to recognize and help bring forth this hidden greatness in UMass Boston.

Samantha GibsonCommunication is key to a functional, representative government. As Student Senator I will work to find new ways to inform the university community of Senate business and promote involvement of students in their government. I will also work toward opening better communication pathways within the Senate, promoting efficiency and cohesion.Moyosore Alade I have alot to share and more to gain, so being part of a group of students that represent the student body, their interest and concerns really means alot to me. Not only that I can listen to concerns or issues my fellow students might have but will also try to find a way to solve it.

Charles BovairdI would like the opportunity to represent the students of the University of Massachusetts Boston in the Student Senate during the Fall of 2009. I vow to display fiscal responsibility by making responsible allocations for the Student Activities Trust Fund.

Steven PirrelloI am considerate and conscious of the large spectrum of opinions from our unique and diverse community. I’ll support academic development and encourage fun activities that nourish the mind and spirit of a community that works hard to accomplish their goals!

Brenda Tracchia I have done my best to represent the student body. I have set forth to increase communications on campus so students may get their issues heard for resolution. I have the necessary skills and training to again serve as a qualified representative of the student body.Laura FayI am a transfer student from the University of Wisconsin. At my previous institution, I served as the Vice President of Internal Affairs on Student Senate. If elected, I will work to more efficiently allocatestudent organization funding and give students a voice in the UMass Boston campus community.

Fabio DovalleI have been in UMASS Boston for two and half years. I am a double major in History and Philosophy, with a Latin American special studies and I am on the Honors program. I am very passionate about school and truly believe in assisting people to have the means to fully exercise their academic capability.

Elizabeth M. HedrickAs an Undergraduate Student Senate member I would promote communication between the various parts of UMass Boston. I would also promote examples of inter-University success stories with our sister campuses. I have a long history of working with non-profits in Cincinnati, which would lend itself well to my efficiency as a Student Senate member.

Fahid NaseerI am currently an undergraduate at UMASS Boston majoring in biochemistry. If elected into senate I will put forth new ideas and initiatives that will improve the learning experience of student. Also, if elected I will bring any and all issues to the forefront of the senate floor. Thank You.

Milcah NakachwaFor the past few weeks I’ve been on the senate, I’ve had a chance to see what’s going on and to see senators implementing their roles. It’s an experience so far, and it would be unfair if I didn’t get to accomplish what I’ve started on. I still look forward to serving on the senate as the journey has just begun.