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UMB students bring demands to administration

MSU outreach coordinator and Senator Tara DeSisto energizes the crowd while the delegation delivers the letter to the Chancellor’s office.

Student Jen Light carries a sign reading “unsexy” in reference to a comment made by Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Patrick Day to a group of students that the hard work that needs to be done to make positive change on campus is “unsexy”.

The student delegation exits Quinn to greet the crowd after delivering their letter to the Chancellor. A meeting has been scheduled for Thursday April 10 between the Chancellor and a group of student leaders to address some of the issues in the letter.

“The Man” guarded the door to Quinn not allowing the group to enter and many were told that they would be arrested if they attempted to do so.

The march to the Quinn Administration begins as curious gawkers and rubbernecks observe from the catwalk. An estimated seventy students participated in the march and rally, a turnout that is about double of what organizers hoped for.

Student senator and Casa Latina Coordinator Terrel Ainoosin addresses the crowd at a rally outside of the Campus Center. Many student leaders addressed the assembled students.