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The Mass Media Guide to Tourism for the Lazy

You’ve gazed across the blue waves just outside your classroom window, but now warmer weather is here and you have a duty to get off your ass and head outside. Lucky for you, UMass Boston sits right on top of The HarborWalk, a path stretching across East Boston, Charlestown, North End, Downtown, South Boston and Dorchester.

Boston is a maritime city, and although we may have more biotech than shipbuilding these days, the city is designed for access to the water. You may not rely on it for transportation, fortification, and food, but you can still put it to good use.

Whether it is lying out on the beach getting some sun, flying a kite, sailing, or splashing in the cool surf Boston Harbor can be our own aquatic playground. Best of all, it’s just steps away from the University. Mass Media staffers can sometimes be caught barbecuing out on Fox Point-stop by the office if you need to borrow some charcoal.

The pathway features picnicking spots, playgrounds, long stretches of beach. grassy marshes, and hidden coves ideal for stealing a kiss. You’ll find old forts, ice cream stands, hot dog vendors, sailboats, and long piers. You’ll pass by cigar-chomping old fishermen, giggling couples, ball-chasing dogs, zig-zagging children and panting bicyclists.

Let your eye roam across the page, and get to know some of the HarborWalk’s local spots, whether a short walk or a brief drive. For all the details, visit www.bostonharborwalk.com.

Castle Island / Pleasure BayAt the end of Day Blvd in South Boston is Castle Island / Pleasure Bay. The home to 17th century Fort Independence, which was once the home of the master of American macabre Edgar Allan Poe during his time in the US Army. It is said that the classic short story “The Cask of Amontillado” was based on legend that was said to have taken place there. Castle Island is a great place to set your line in the water off the fishing pier or to build a sand castle on the beach. Playgrounds and walking paths can be found here. With consistent water quality, South Bostonians and visitors alike flock to Castle Island on the sunny days of summer.

Carson BeachBehind our neighbor the Bayside Expo Center, just a short walk down Day Blvd, is Carson Beach. Here you will find McCormack Bathhouse with its showers, changing rooms, chess tables, and bocce courts. And then there is the beach. Smooth sand, the chill of the Atlantic nipping at your toes, Carson is the place to be for the beach bum who wants to unwind beneath the sun’s rays between classes.

Old Harbor ParkLocated behind the Harbor Point Apartments is a pathway along the water that offers refuge from the hustle and bustle of the university that is just a stone’s throw away. Fishing, biking, jogging, it all takes place here beneath the summer sun.

UMass BostonOur own campus is included in the Boston Harborwalk. Sure, you know what it is like here. After all, this is where you go to school. But, have you ever taken advantage of one of the many benches along the water on one of those warm sunny days that come around this time of year. You should. It is a great place to do some homework.

Pope John Paul II Park65 acres of walkways, open areas, and playing fields, Pope John Paul II Park is located on a former landfill next to Interstate 93. Flying kites is a popular activity on windy weekend afternoons; colorful works of aerial art can be seen flying high over the highway all summer long. Here you can ride your bike along the edge of the Neponset River or picnic by the side of the estuary.