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Administration Caves in to the DeFacto CPCS Governance

Dear Chancellor Motley and others,

I am asking you to make a full-scale investigation into Student Mistreatment at CPCS. It is not sufficient for you to simply close admissions, because you have put the very faculty into power who caused these problems in the first place. I am writing to you as a student, as an alumna of the Masters of Science degree in Human Services, and as a twice- rejected applicant to the Public Policy Ph.D. program. I believe that my several years of service to CPCS students as the “principal tutor” in the Writing Advising Tutoring (WAT) program have cost me my acceptance into the Ph.D. program and have jeopardized my future earnings.

Because I did not follow various members of CPCS Curriculum Committee’s directives to leave the University, it was a political decision to reject me as an applicant to the Ph.D in Public Policy. I hoped that was not the case, until I discovered another student, Jason Pramas, was accepted into that program without his having been held to the same academic standards for admittance.

When I came to work in the Writing Lab in Wheatley, I was threatened over the phone by Susan Moir for supporting the Dean (Awotona). At that time, I didn’t know who Susan Moir was. In her phone call, Susan introduced herself as the Director of a program at CPCS.

During the first week (in 2006) that I worked at CPCS, Ann Withorn and Diane Dujon both informed me that I should leave immediately, “This is not your fight.”” That was very distressing and intimidating.

Last week when CPCS faculty were celebrating the downfall of the Dean and CUF’s crowning in the Lobby of Wheatley third floor, Susan Moir confronted me with, “Good-bye, Joan. You will be fired soon.” This is but a small sample of what I have endured to tutor CPCS students in writing and is nothing compared to what Dean Awotona and Professor Stefanos have been subjected to. This is way beyond “bad manners” or one rogue faculty member. Because of the imbalance in power, it approaches assault when directed at a student.

Even though I am an adult, I am a student, not faculty or staff. I am hoping that you will take this situation seriously and do more to help the students who continue to be misinformed and abused by CPCS faculty who use their UMB classrooms as their personal pulpits in the cause of “Saving CPCS.” CPCS students who have worked for “The Cause” have been given academic credits by Sara Bartlett in the Registrar’s Office for their rabble rousing. I have documentation for this.

A Mass Media article published in May 2006 (“An alternative analysis of the current ‘crisis’ at CPCS”, 5/1/06) is evidence that CPCS students have been mistreated by CPCS faculty for some time, without the intervention of UMB administration. I am asking you to intervene on behalf of CPCS students.