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Our Pets are Cooler Than Yours

Name: Aisling & RockyOwner: Mike HoganRocky is a 10-year-old refugee from the yard next door. Having lived outside for the vast majority of his life, he is deathly afraid of all modern technology (as is evident by his cowering in this picture). Aisling was once small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Now 85 pounds, she makes many animal noises, monkeys, goats, alligators, hippos, but she never sounds like a dog.

Name: BambinoOwner: Edson BuenoMy name is Bambino. Edson adopted me; he works for The Mass Media. When he comes home from a long day at school and work, I like to cheer him up by listening to him. If he seems cranky on Wednesdays, it’s probably because of work. He goes on and on about things he would like to improve so that he does not need to be so harsh to his co-workers.

Name: MishaOwner: Christian deTorresMisha, a black Maine Coon, was adopted from the animal shelter as a tiny kitten. He ate and pooped more than seemed possible, a trend he never quite outgrew. He is 17 years old now, and truly is a member of the family. Given only a year to live after losing over half his weight and being diagnosed with cancer, he proved everyone wrong and has bounced back with the help of force-fed chemo pills. As the vet said, “Misha is the poster cat for recovery.”

Name: King AshesOwner: Cagen LuseKing is the benevolent ruler of a small apartment in Dorchester. He occasionally allows me, his humble servant to feed, clean up after and if I am very lucky, pet him. He is a kind and just ruler who enjoys lying on what ever paper or book you are currently reading. All hail the King!

Name: Princess &TigerOwner: John KaneLittermates Tiger and Princess share a home with Mass Media staff writer John Kane. Adopted from an animal shelter in Maine they spend there days eating, sleeping, and shedding. Tiger weighs a svelte 22 pounds and is larger than a small dog. Princess is very vocal and half the size of her brother, she starts all the fights but he finishes them.

Name: EltonOwner: Juli KneelandMy name is Elton. I’m almost three, and I’m 23 lbs. I grew up in a meth lab, and was left behind when the jerks taking care of me moved away. I had no food, no home, and no clue how to be an outdoor cat. I am very well behaved and I’m incredibly strong. I am happy overall, but my abandonment as a young cat has greatly affected me. I get spooked easily, I get really stressed out by the open outdoors, and I go into a depression when Juli is gone for more than a day.

Names: Jaarret & HobbesOwner: TaraJarrett is on the left. I adopted him as a kitten and he’s the most laid-back easy going chill cat you could hope for. Hobbes is on the right. A friend had a family of stray cats living in her barn, took in the mom and ask if I wanted a kitten; he was too adorable to be resisted.

Names: Bees & ChickenOwner: Ryan ThomasHi, we’re two bees. We don’t have names because we’re two of about 100,000. Talk about tight living quarters. Hey! Look at me! I’m a chicken with a brain the size of about three peas. I don’t have a name ’cause I wouldn’t remember it anyway.

Name: StanleyOwner: Epiphany HolmstockI got Stanley at least 10 years ago when a friend’s cat gave birth. My friend’s family thought that the entire litter was female, so the kittens were given floral names, like Foxglove and Tigerlily. Stanley’s name was Daisy. It turns out, as my mother discovered by picking each kitten up and turning them over, that the entire litter was male.

Name: AnnieOwner: John MazzarellaThis is Annie, a 9 month old Yorkshire Terrier. We got her from a family that is friends with my parents who’s dog had puppies. Annie likes sitting on your lap, playing tug of war and playing fetch, but not returning the ball. She’s a great little dog.

Name: CurtisOwner: Amy JulianMeow! My name is Curtis Julian. My mom, Amy, is the Arts Editor. I’m going to be one year old in June, but I don’t feel a day over 5 months! I was rescued from the Northeast Animal Shelter last September with a cold and bad eye gunkies, but mama nursed me back to health and now I’m a force to be reckoned with!