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Student Centers

Are you a UMass Boston student? Are you not already a member of a student club or center? Well get off your lazy ass and get involved! The University offers a range of clubs with concentrations and missions as diverse as the students that go here, from Skydiving to Biology to Marketing. In addition to the clubs, there are also the nine student Centers, which have more resources and a paid staff member to organize and run events. Each center has its own traditions, history and unique events as well as space to just kick back and relax. If you are interested in getting involved, it’s not too late, and almost every center is always on the lookout for new members and volunteers for important work that needs to be done before next semester begins. Stop on by and sign up, you’ll definitely meet some new people and you might even learn something!

Advocacy Resource for Modern Survival (ARMS) Center


[email protected]

The world of Public Aid and Welfare can often be very confusing to navigate if you are unfamiliar with it. The ARMS Center is designed to help those with issues related to getting or maintaining public assistance and to provide resources, information, self-help, and advocacy of welfare rights and issues for themselves and fellow students. Its also a safe and comforting environment where students can go to confidentially seek direction not only as to whom they need to see for academic help, social help or economic help in the university or outside.

Health and Wellness Center


[email protected]

If you need advice, have questions or need counseling for a substance abuse issue, the Health and Wellness Center is for you. The H&W center is a safe place for students with health concerns of any kind to go and is located in the Quinn Administration Building.

Asian Student Center


[email protected]

The Asian Student Center provides a valuable resource center for people who want to bond with others who share a similar cultural background, or just those who want to learn more about all of the vibrant cultures from the world’s largest continent. Also, if you’re looking for some pick-up Hold ‘Em tournaments (no money exchanged) this is the place to be.

Black Student Center


[email protected]

With a strong historical and political presence on campus, the Black Student Center provides a focus on and attention to issues that affect the Black and African-American communities. Past events have included a wonderful Black History Month observance and a stunning fashion show for charity.

Casa Latina


[email protected]

You don’t have to “habla espanol” to be a part of Casa Latina, the Latino Student Center. This Center has had some of the strongest programming in recent history and their annual Un Pueblo Unido gala event is one of the most popular and best attended on the campus social calendar.

Center for Students with disABILITIES


[email protected]

The Center for Students with disabilities provides important services and support for students with disabilities. While the Ross Center for Disabilities is the place to go for administrative help, the Center is a valuable space to meet other students with disabilities, receive support and utilize the resources unique to the center.

Queer Student Union


[email protected]

The Queer Student Union, or “The Q” to those in the know, deals primarily with issues, on and off campus, that effect the Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transsexual/Transgender communities. They are also concerned with issues of sexual health and safety on campus and have a wealth of information about sexual health and safe sexual practices, including a supply of free condoms.

Veteran’s Center


[email protected]

The Veteran’s Center at UMass Boston has for years been there, lending help and support to those returning from combat and those who have previously served our country. The Center provides academic support, as well as support outside of the classroom, and is a great place to just chill out and swap stories. Another goal of the Center is to educate about the veteran’s experience in society.

Women’s Center


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The Women’s Center, which, you guessed it, focuses on issues that are of concern to Women, is not just for chicks. Many of the issues that the Center deals with, such as domestic violence, are of concern to everyone, so your anatomical differences aside, the Women’s Center may be for you. They have also managed to but on a magnificent production of the Vagina Monologues for the past few years, a show that is quickly becoming campus tradition.

All Student Centers are located in the Campus Center, 3rd floor, 3100 section.