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Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is just around the corner and all across the state men and women, okay lets be honest mostly men, are scurrying to think of last minute gifts for their significant others. Have no fear, I’m sure you’ve learned by now that you can always count on me. Here are a few of my own suggestions for those last minute valentines out there.

The Night on the TownIf you don’t think just one date will do for your valentine, consider stringing together multiple locations to create a memorable night out. Or decide on separate activities for each of you to enjoy. Try head to a Celtics game followed by a night of dancing that way both of you will be happy.

Another way to go is making the night about all those things you’ve always said you’d do together but have never gotten around to. Always plan on taking a walk in the park? Promise you’d take your special someone to a play? Have you been boasting about your bowling proficiency since your first date? Well its finally time to put those plans into action, Steve Buscemi.

Store Bought LoveIf you don’t have the time, or the creativity, to make a gift yourself, you can always buy something. Just make sure you’re shopping at the right stores. Wal-Mart may have great deals but don’t expect anyone to be happy if they find the price tag, or come across the receipt in the trash. Odds are if you find yourself strolling the aisles of a mega store it’s probably a sign you should back off and reevaluate, because you’re probably going to regret any decision you make.

Try to remember if they’ve been dropping hints, and always try to keep it romantic. Sure, a new car battery may be practical but it isn’t likely to make anyone brag to their friends about the great Valentine’s Day gift they received.

Also, don’t just hand over a box, regardless of what it is, personalize it. Spend some time picking out a card, buy a gift bag with a design that says something about the person you’re buying for. For the girls flowers are always a nice touch, and if you’ve been with her long enough to really celebrate Valentine’s Day properly you should know what kind she likes by now. For the guys try making him his favorite dessert, or if you can’t bake you can always try orange dreamsicle flavored body cream.

The TraditionalLook, I know you’re trying hard not to seem cliché, but lets face it there isn’t a whole lot of time left here. So consider the traditional diner at a nice restaurant, you know the type where you get out of your car and the view is of the Boston skyline rather than a set of train tracks and the staff entrance to Foot Locker.

Seeing as it is Valentine’s Day you’ll have to move fast and be persistent to get a reservation at some of the nicer restaurants, but don’t be discouraged, just because you can’t get a table at the local hotspot doesn’t mean you have to settle for Pizzeria Regina at Faneuil Hall or Stouffer’s chicken cordon bleu pasta, I don’t care how good it tastes, your not going to impress anyone with your micro-bake preparation.

The One Time Only Bedroom FandangoMost people view Valentine’s Day as a holiday for women, and the burden for coming up with activities often falls heavily on men. However women should do their fair share as well. Reward your man for all the hard work and stress he’s been under planning your perfect day by giving him a night to remember.

Remember that issue of Victoria’s Secret that you found sticking out from under your guy’s mattress? Instead of getting mad, get inspired. When you and your valentine make your way back to your designated home, motel room, or Subaru Tribeca, surprise him with the most revealing, lacey nightgown that you can. Remember, garter belts are always a very good thing.

For both men and women, don’t put up walls, tonight is a night to experiment and try new things to make that special person in your life happy. You’ve been through a lot this past year, and now is the time to go the extra mile. If there have been subtle jokes, or outright pleading for something, now is the night to rock it like a hurricane.

The Sentimental GiftCollege students don’t typically have a lot of cash to throw around so taking that special someone out for a romantic night on the town can be a little impractical. But if you’ve got a caring companion they will und erstand and as long as you put a little bit of thought into the gift you’re giving you’ll find it very well received.

In fact some people find a homemade gift to be more memorable than jewelry or chocolates. “My boyfriend made me an amazing scrapbook,” says sophomore Stacie Mahoney, “he took pictures of the place we first met and where we went on our first date. Then he filled up the book with notes and more pictures of the two of us that I didn’t even know existed. It was just an amazing surprise.”

SinglesValentine’s Day is a much anticipated day for those in love, but it is often dreaded by those who haven’t been fortunate enough to find their soul mate. So here are a few ideas to help the dateless ones out there pass the day.

Feels like the Last TimeTry to think of this as the last Valentine’s Day you’ll have to yourself for a long time. Spend the day doing something that you wouldn’t normally do. There’s no sense in reading a book or watching American Idol when you could be doing something exciting.

Get your dangerous desires taken care of before you have someone else telling you not to. If you want to drive to Florida and go skydiving or swimming with manatees then do it, this could be the last year you’ll be unattached and able to pick up and leave without clearing it with anybody.

The Gift… That Keeps on BurningRemember, Valentine’s Day can be a lonely time for many single people out there, and it can be easy to loose focus of the long term in favor of one night of passion, or misplaced dignity.

Just remember not to let desperation get a hold of you. If you get a funny feeling about someone you should probably trust your instinct and back off. It is better to go home alone than to wind up with a drippy faucet or a slow drain. Remember the act of depravity may last just a few minutes, but the shame, like the itching, will last forever.

Be Your Own Sugar Daddy Look at it this way, you don’t have anyone to buy a gift for so why not put that money your saving to good use. Treat yourself like the special person that you are and buy your own gift. As a bonus you know that you won’t have to return anything you get.

Start off by pampering yourself by going to a day Spa for a relaxing massage, facial or body treatment. Then buy yourself something you’ve been wanting for a while. Whether that be a Nintendo Wii or bouquet of roses, now is the time to do something to make yourself happy.