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February 26, 2024
An inside look at Bobby B. Beacon’s insides. Illustrated by Bianca Oppedisano/ Mass Media Staff.
Bobby's Inside Story
February 26, 2024

Getting to Know UMB: Health Services

There are a lot of different places on campus where students can get help, from the One Stop to a professor’s office. However, some students may not know the benefits of University Health Services on the second floor of the Quinn Administration Building.

A common misconception is that only students with the UMass Boston health insurance plan can get services at UHS. However, the entire student body (as well as faculty and staff) are able to receive healthcare.

General medicine offers students with the UMass Boston health insurance walk-in appointments, primary care, women’s health, laboratory services and a few specialized services. Some services have a fee or a co-pay amount, such as women’s and men’s annual examinations, internal medicine, physical exams, dermatology services and orthopedic services, which are $10. UHS also offers OraQuick Rapid HIV antibody testing, at a cost of $25.

Several immunizations, like tetanus, hepatitis B, MMR, influenza vaccines and Gardasil, are paid for by the university’s health insurance, as are many tests done through the on-site laboratory.

Students with the university health insurance must receive their care from UHS unless they have been given a waiver or it is during an off-campus emergency.

Students with private health insurance can get minor episodic care for illnesses like sore throats, colds, flu symptoms, allergies and uncomplicated urinary tract infections without a co-pay. They can also get a physical exam and immunizations for tetanus and diphtheria, hepatitis B, MMR and varicella (chickenpox) with a $10 co-pay.

Other vaccines are provided to students with private health insurance for a nominal fee. They are also able to get the OraQuick Rapid HIV antibody testing at a $25 cost and are able to receive dermatology services for a small fee.

For everyone, there is contraceptive counseling, emergency contraception, sexually transmitted infection prevention and evaluation, as well as pregnancy testing and evaluation.

There is also a Travelwell clinic, which provides planning for UMass Boston students who are traveling either short-term or long-term, for pleasure or for business. Some of the services of the Travelwell clinic include general health and safety, food and water precautions, immunizations, insect precautions, post-travel follow up and travel medical kits.

For students looking for assistance in dealing with issues like managing time, coping with anxiety and depression, working through loss and grief or adapting to a new culture or country, UHS has a counseling center which offers their services for all students and staff.

For more information on what UHS offers, visit www.healthservices.umb.edu, and for information on their health and wellness clinics, visit www.umbwellness.org.