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Before I get into all the gushy stuff and what we’re all thankful for, I wanted to take a moment to explain our cover. Firstly, this is a little known fact, but in Native American communities across the country, Thanksgiving is a national day of mourning. While we should always be thankful for what we have and the country we live, I think Thanksgiving is a great time to reflect back on the Natives who suffered for the Pilgrims to survive and for American expansion to make the country what it is today. In that vein, it is also a time to think about people everywhere who are being treated poorly and who, like the Native Americans, are suffering at the hands of much more powerful oppressors. What we have decided to do with our cover this issue is provide a little tableau about how things might have gone differently if the Native’s knew what they were in for. We also liked the idea of empowering Native Americans, albeit using an odd array of weaponry to defend themselves. We did not mean to be offensive and apologize in advance if anyone takes this cover as anything other than having a little fun with how the first thanksgiving might have gone had it also been the last.

Now, a short list of things to be thankful for: Clean, potable drinking water, which a shockingly large part of the world does not have; The opportunity to pursue a secondary education; the freedom to practice your religion without fear of (much) persecution; the unique experience that is UMass Boston and all of the people that make it the amazing place it is on a daily basis. I could go on and on, but for me, right now, those are the biggies. Also I want to give a shout out to Ray Ray and Big Steve. Have a Happy Thanksgiving y’all!

This week’s cover artist is Will Whelan, a local artist repping North Allston. When not indoctrinating the younger generations in the ways of aft, Will can be found riding a bicycle on the mean streets of Allston or dumpster diving for supplies.

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Ben Whelan served for the following positions at The Mass Media for the following years: Editor-in-Chief: Spring 2009; 2009-2010. News Editor: Spring 2008; Fall 2008 Sports Editor: 2006-2007