Veteran Army Sergeant Misses Military Duty

Felicia Whatley

U.S. Army Sergeant Kathleen Graham grew up in Milford and now lives in Brighton. At 24 years old she has seen a lot in her six years active duty.

She worked in Military Intelligence as a MI analyst and deployed to Iraq in March 2003 and January 2006. She was floored by how much was going on around her, and how she was part of something that was all over the news.

“I have faith in our leadership, but I don’t think Executive power should be over the military,” said Sgt. Kathleen Graham.

Graham said the military gave her more confidence to accomplish things she never thought she did. The camaraderie and bonds she experienced will last a lifetime.

“The way we communicate as veterans will last forever. We understand each other. Veterans are never alone,” said Graham.

Graham’s first deployment to Iraq was at the beginning of the Iraq War. She had to make do without running water or much food. An Army water purification unit came to filter water for the troops.

“I’m more confident now. I know I can accomplish things I didn’t think I could. I did whatever it took to keep a positive attitude. Getting mad about things never solved anything,” said Graham.

Currently Graham is an Exercise and Health Science Freshmen aspiring to go into nursing. She said nursing is a selfless field, like the Army, where she can help other people.

When asked why Veteran’s Day is important to her, she said, “Veteran’s Day is my day. It’s a day for all veterans. We are celebrating the people who are serving to protect our rights and we remember those who died for our freedom.”

Graham is thinking about joining the National Guard. She misses being in and all the training that goes along with being in the Army.

“I look forward to going to the range and shooting. Where else can you get that kind of experience? It’s an easy thing to miss,” said Graham.