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Cultural Diversity Day Reflective of On-Campus Reality

The University of Massachusetts Boston held its yearly multicultural event, Cultural Diversity Day, November 5, where campus clubs representing different nationalities shared the essence of their culture by putting on ethnic performances, dressing in traditional garb, and discussing cultural diversity.

“Living another’s culture for the slightest moment leaves no place for stereotypes,” said Allen Pierre-Louis, an Africana and Political Science major at UMB.

Pierre-Louis said events like UMB’s Cultural Diversity Day reflect the American ideal President-elect Obama so vehemently talked about during his campaign.

“This is our chance [… ] to reclaim the American dream and reaffirm that fundamental truth – that out of many, we are one,” said Pierre-Louis, in relation to America’s multi-culturalism.

Students celebrating their cultural diversity gathered on campus alongside a DJ playing songs from all four corners of the world and tables around the room showcased cultural items, setting apart one group and area of the world from another. The Haitian American society, HAS, had a table showing original paints of native artists.

Mona Zafar, a Pakistani native, showed her support for her Asian nation by wearing traditional clothes. Being a new transfer student, Zafar said that the event mirrored UMB’s campus diversity and that she’d be glad to participate in next year’s festival to promote her Pakistani heritage.

Razaz Khir from Sudan has been living in Boston for six years. She said that although she’s heard about the American ethnic melting pot, she never thought it would be so apparent in reality.

“Not only do you get to know people with different convictions and beliefs,” Khir said, “but you learn to appreciate them for who they are, not what your parents had you believe they were.”

Leslie Bonaventura, a registered nurse who graduated from UMB in 2001, said awareness about cultural diversity-brought to the fore through events like the Cultural Diversity Day-is an important skill that will transcend university boundaries and benefit students during their careers off-campus.

“The celebration of various cultures in the school is a great thing,” Bonaventura said. “When you graduate, you enter the work field knowing that others out there have different values and the least you can do is show your respect and deep appreciation.”