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2-26-24 PDF
February 26, 2024
An inside look at Bobby B. Beacon’s insides. Illustrated by Bianca Oppedisano/ Mass Media Staff.
Bobby's Inside Story
February 26, 2024

Brazil Group of 20 Meeting “A Bunch of Cowards”

After meeting Saturday Nov. 8th and the following Sunday in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the Group of 20 Finance Ministers and central bank heads produced a communiqué which was supposed to prepare for the Washington meeting of the Group of 20 heads of state November 15 on reversing the global economic collapse.

American economist Lyndon LaRouche, who was the first to call for a “New Bretton Woods,” characterized the various aspects of their communiqué as follows: “Where the communiqué praised such ‘bold and decisive measures’ as the trillions of dollars in giveaways by Paulson and Bernanke to their friends, it’s plain doubletalk in avoiding the whole issue. They’re refusing to face the reality. They’re just plain refusing to face any reality. This is pipe-dream stuff! You’ve got to get off the pipe dream.”

Where the communiqué called for strengthening the IMF’s role, LaRouche objected: “The IMF is what’s destroyed this thing! Don’t they understand that? That’s the whole point. They’re whores, that’s all. When people start talking like that, you write them off!”

Where the communiqué called for “voluntary efforts” at reregulating the financial system, LaRouche summed everything up by saying, “Forget it, it’s babbling! Nothing to it; it’s a waste of time.”

The communiqué said, “We welcome the progress made this year in reforming the IMF.” LaRouche replied: “We welcome the progress made this year! Give me some figures about the progress made this year! Give me some data about what was accomplished this year, by whom. Give me the figures! Tell me about this great progress! Where did you find it? Were you masturbating or something?”

“The IMF has an important role to play,” continues the G-20 communiqué. “Oh, come on, this is crap!” said LaRouche. “They have NO role to play, and we should say so! These institutions have at this point, NO ROLE TO PLAY. Because their mandate prevents them from doing anything that would be useful!”

On the communiqué’s call to “strengthen IMF surveillance and policy advice,” LaRouche responded, “They’re impotent! They’re babbling! This is pure babbling, by people who are either afraid to say anything, or are in on Soros’s drug-trafficking. Don’t kid yourself– every South American country except Colombia, of any importance, is making deals with the drug traffickers. Only Colombia is opposing the drug trafficking.”

“Don’t waste your time on these countries at this time,” he went on. “They’re not serious yet. Some of them are valuable people, but the countries themselves do not have a serious outlook on any of the crucial questions of this crisis.”

“They’re a bunch of cowards,” he added. “They’re kissing the ass of the problem. Anything they adopt, working from this kind of policy thinking, will make things worse. It will come to the wrong conclusion and produce a worse result than the enemy’s already creating.

“The minute you hear the word ‘interim solution,’ it’s ‘which mistress shall I go to see in the evening?’ It’s like the guy who gets his paycheck, and he doesn’t have enough to pay for his family’s food, and so he says, ‘as an interim solution, I’ll stop by the gambling joint, and get some money’,” LaRouche concluded.

Lyndon LaRouche will address this crisis and the necessary solution; his New Bretton Woods, based on FDR’s original and noble conception, NOT Hjalmar Schacht lover John Maynard Keynes’ “Britain Woods”. This speech will be broadcast on Tuesday November 18th at 1pm. It will be archived immediately afterwards. www.larouchepac.com