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Wick’s Two Cents

There are always topics to ponder and opinions to take in the expanse of Boston sports. Every week, the Mass Media will talk to Alan Wickstrom, UMB’s Sports Information Director, and get his opinion on a relevant Boston sports topic. This week, The Mass Media asks Alan what the NFL can do to cut down on player shootings and deaths (see Jason Collier, Darrent Williams, Sean Taylor) and other off-field transgressions (see Adam “Pac-Man” Jones, Matt Jones).

That’s a tough question because you’re really getting into civil liberties when you’re limiting behavior outside of the NFL, but I think [Commissioner Roger] Goodell has done a really good job, in terms of imposing stricter penalties. He’s cracked down right away, quickly and fiercely.

You saw that with Adam Jones and I think you’ve seen that with other players where it’s not just a slap on the wrist anymore. And you also saw that with the Patriots last year with the whole video-taping thing.

Its hard to infringe on somebody’s civil liberties like that but at the same time you are trying to maintain an image as a league and I think just imposing harsh penalties and imposing them quickly is really the only thing you can do at this point.

Right now I think what Goodell has done is in its infancy stage but as that continues on, I think that people are going to start to get it.