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Get Out and Vote

Why should we vote? First of all it is our right as Americans, our privilege and duty to partake in our political system. Many Americans have died protecting that right. We have a voice and it’s time we stand up.

This is a momentous time in American history. We will have a black American president or a female vice president, and won’t it be neat to look back and say, “I voted for Obama” or “I voted for McCain”.

For veterans, you get to choose your boss. How many people get to do that? And how each candidate stands on funding will make the difference in your job.

If you are unhappy about the healthcare system, social security, military funding, international relations or domestic affairs, here’s your chance to tell America how you feel. If you are a student and are looking to be a better citizen and active member of your community, then vote.

The University of Wisconsin’s Jake Johnson said on a “Rock the Vote” program, that “the youth of this nation are the single largest voting block. We can determine what kind of country we want to inherit. It’s crucial that more than previous years, this year we turn out and vote in record numbers. The new administration, as well as the Congress is bound to the voters.”

Now is your chance to educate yourself on ballot questions. Social issues and political issues are at the forefront. Who isn’t disgusted with the economy and worried about the future? Now is your chance to make a difference in how things are run on Capital Hill, the six o’clock news, and at the dinner table.

You will have the right to complain. That’s right: because you made a stance, you now have your right as an American to whine and complain about how things are run.

The last two presidential elections were very close. The winner was decided by a narrow margin in each case. In some states as few as four votes made the difference. Wouldn’t you cast to be the vote that ties it over?

For Massachusetts, it’s possible pot could be legalized or dog racing banned. Those are hot topics. What about the income tax? Who doesn’t have an opinion on them?

And that’s the point. Voting gives you a legitimate forum to voice your opinion and change policies. What you vote for in November will impact policy for the next decade.

In many places around the world, citizens do not have the right to vote. It is unique to a democratic society. We are lucky we can vote.

About the Contributor
Felicia Whatley served as the following positions for The Mass Media the following years: Managing Editor: Spring 2009 *News Editor: 2009-2010 *Whatley served alongside Caleb Nelson for these years.