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UMB Students Never Last Picked

UMass Boston students are about to get a competitive edge vying for business internships.

William Brah, who is the executive director for the Venture Development Center, or VDC, along with Dan Phillips, VDC’s entrepreneur in residence, and Phil Quaglieri, Dean of the College of Management, are about to give UMB students a front row opportunity on some highly competitive venture capital internships around the Boston area.

“We want to establish UMass Boston as a key producer of talent needed by the innovation economy,” Brah said. “UMass Boston students have all of the qualities venture backed start-up companies look for. They are smart, hungry, loyal, and work hard for everything they achieve; Yet they are overlooked.”

Venture firms normally go hunting for talent at places like Harvard, MIT, and Columbia University, where students literally line up for the opportunity, Brah said.

“But connections to the area’s venture capital firms allow UMB students to be first in line for chances at internships at the portfolio companies that invest in the Boston metropolitan area.”

Venture capital, Brah said, is a highly competitive industry, and an internship can give students the experience needed to secure a good job in the future.

“An internship will allow them to meet people in the industry who they can later network with,” Brah said. “Finding quality start up internship opportunities is extraordinarily difficult.”

Brah said that the program is currently in its pilot stage.

“There are lots of opportunities and lots of students interested,” Brah said. “Three students have already been selected for a final interview with a start-up company. We are going to run a one-hour session every two months where students can hear what it is like to work in a start-up, and to sign-up for a chance at an internship. Over 80 students attended the first session on October 1.”

In December, another information session will allow students to see what it is like to work for a start-up program and sign up for an internship. Non-business and non-science students are also welcome.

“Now, UMB students have the opportunity to hook up with a venture and live happily ever after,” said Brah.