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Shot of Arts

Angie the Beautiful. Clint Eastwood, Changeling director and longtime friend of the habitual mama, said that Angelina Jolie is considered too beautiful to be appreciated for her talent and is “hampered” by her beauty. He went on to describe how much of Angelina lies beyond her ethereal beauty and that people need to see past the gorgeousness to get at the heart of her talent as an actress. Funny, I always thought she couldn’t be taken seriously because she’s used to being with Bill Bob Thornton and wore his blood around her neck while making out with him on the red carpet.

Shock Jock Ties the Knot! Everyone’s favorite disgustingly-dirty radio DJ/actor (hey, Private Parts counts, right?) Howard Stern wed his fiancée Beth Ostrosky this past weekend in a swanky ceremony in NYC-one that included everyone from Donald Trump, John Stamos, and Billy Joel, to Sarah Silverman, and Kelly Ripa on the guest list. Stern got Trump’s blessing when the Apprentice star told him that he thinks the marriage will last forever-no word on the staying power of Stern’s career. Side note: Ostrosky, back in February when the two were engaged, said that Stern is the man that she has always dreamt of-which makes insomnia look preeeeeeety inviting.

Kardashian Gets the Boot-y!

Finally, last week Kim Kardashian was kicked off “Dancing With the Stars.” I say finally like she’s been on there for too long, but after only two weeks…yeah she was there for too long. Judges were less than thrilled with her performance and said that she lacked the emotion that would have brought her performance to life. Her cast mate and pro-dancer-turned country singer Julianne Hough agreed, blogging that “Kim was actually one of the weaker ones.” And you know that’s gotta hurt when you’re going against Al Bundy’s next-door neighbor and an older-than-dirt Cloris Leachman.

Answer the Question!

Finally, in political/arts/comedy news, Sarah “Six-pack Joe” Palin says that Katie Couric’s interview and the questions that were asked of her “annoyed” her. She then was overheard by a source saying that her method to boycott the inhumanity of the Couric interview was to completely avoid all direct questions for the rest of the campaign. She also mentioned that it is her number one strategy and says there is no Plan B.