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Darby’s Dirty Secrets

Food has more to do with your sex than helping to keep you a size three so you can fit into those jeans that keep getting you laid. Food is a vital part of every aspect of sex. How you take care of your body translates into the bedroom. Eat foods that help your circulation and lower your blood pressure and watch your saturated fats to get more blood flow to those hot and bothered parts.

Foods with L-Arginine (like oatmeal, nuts, seeds, dairy, greens veggies, root veggies, etc) or Omega-3 Fatty Acids (mackerel, salmon) will help better that erection or stimulate that clitoris. Those Omega-3s will help that nervous system too, which means feeling those sensations even more.

Proteins will help you with your stamina, which we all know is a big, plus in the sack!

Soy is also your friend. It helps a woman stay lubed up. It also helps with menopause symptoms. Just be careful about having large amounts of soy if your family has a history of breast cancer as it could make you more susceptible. And for you men it’s also good for the prostate.

And of course what you eat also effects what your semen tastes like. Eating lots of fruits and mints or naturally fermented drinks makes your juices sweeter! Coffee, alcohol (thought if you’re drunk you probably don’t care less what they taste like), cigarettes, pot, makes it taste bitter. Green veggies, red meat, greasy foods, dairy, chocolate and garlic can make it taste strong. Just better health in general means you taste better! Drink lots of water to flush out of the toxins. Do not buy products that claim they make your semen taste better, no proof exists that they work.

Oysters are a known to be an aphrodisiac. They get you in the mood because they contain large amounts of zinc. One oyster is all it takes for your daily dose! Other aphrodisiacs include chili pepper and ginger or any hot spices. Red wine and champagne may also make you hot but not too much. And of course, let’s not forget chocolate! The release of serotonin will relax you and the sugar will get you high. The perfect natural drug. Dark chocolate is even good for your heart what’s good for the heart is good for the genitals.

So when it all comes down to it just watch what you eat, and you’re sex will be oh so delicious and so much more fun. And remember, if you’re not having fun you’re, not having good sex!