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An Evening of Bad Decisions

Messy is a good description of Static Radio NJ’s debut album “An Evening of Bad Decisions” (Black Numbers). But if you like gritty, thrashing, punk rock sound, then this young band pretty much nails it.

Cutting to the point in less than thirty minutes, Static Radio NJ plays what they like, with no apologies. Guitar-driven melodies melded in angst with NJ hardcore attitude and rugged vocals offer a sweet simplicity that grew on me. Though this debut, out nationally September 9, 2008, could be clumped with any other opening act punk band’s shirt stand album, there are some aspects of “An Evening of Bad Decisions” that set it apart.

When exploring melodies, in lieu of violent screams, they forge a sound that while not unique is a bit more thoughtful. The singer’s voice at times reminds me of the Bouncing Souls. Tracks like “Fin” take a chance on more mainstream sounds reminiscent of Saves the Day and don’t come off quite as punk, fitting in more with the “emo” genre. Thankfully, amidst these commendable stabs at melody, lurk short, stirring songs like “Ferren Decks.” There is nothing soft about this album, and it is interesting to listen to this band as they search out a sound of their own. I look forward to their next release.

Despite its weak points, with refrains periodically lost in the brashness of guitars, and dull lyrics that don’t matter (when you can decipher them), “An Evening of Bad Decisions” is a solid punk album. It’s a refreshing release in such a currently watered-down genre. It’s good to know that people still like seeing bloody noses, bashing on their ex-girlfriends, getting drunk with their friends and screaming about it.

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