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Bra it Right…Not Tight!

There are lots of things that women have to deal with in this world: childbirth, PMS, make-up, hair, and, not to mention, wearing bras. With you and your body always on the go, who wants to deal with a tight, restricting, overbearing bra? I know I don’t.

Eighty percent of women wear the wrong bra size, which is not only uncomfortable, but it can be hazardous to your health. Wearing the wrong bra can cause back pain, shoulder problems, and restricted blood flow.

Count how many times a day you have to twist and tuck to make your bra more comfortable. If you take off your bra and there are marks, your bra is too small. A bra should not look like you are wearing a bra; it’s just there to give you a slight lift, and keep you comfortable. Once your bra is on, nothing should be overflowing out of the top; if that’s the case, you need a bigger bra.

Most women were never taught how to measure themselves properly for their bra size. Your bra size can change every year to every few years, which is exactly how long it should take for you to get a new bra, between weight gain and weight loss, a baby, getting older, you and your body change. It’s somewhat complicated to figure out your bra size, but I’m going to make it as easy and simple as possible.

To get started, there’s one important ingredient in finding your perfect bra size: a yellow loose measuring tape. You are going to want to measure your band size first, which you need to do topless and braless. Use the measuring tape flat against your back and underneath your bust, keep it tight and place your finger on the number when the two ends of tape come together. You have to come to an even number, therefore round down or up accordingly. Now you aren’t quite done yet, you’re going to add a five to that number, again if it’s odd, you’ve got to round up or down to make it even. That number is your Band Size, for me it’s a 34. Sadly they haven’t yet made many bras with 34 ½, or odd numbers, but hopefully, sooner or later, we can have those odds with us instead of against us.

The next step is to measure your bust line; you’re going to go right across your nipple, and all the way around your back, again with the measuring tape flat. Where the tape meets is your bust line measurement. These numbers can be odd. Now with these two numbers, we can find out what type of a cup size you are. You’re going to take your band size and SUBTRACT it from your bust line, and the difference will bring you to find your cup size. With each inch difference you gain a cup size. For instance, if you have a 1-inch difference you are an A, but if you have a 5-inch difference you are a DD.

This can be confusing, but if you don’t feel up to doing this yourself, there are places that you can go that will measure you and help you find the perfect bra. They walk you through it and show you the numbers; not only that but they’ll bring you different bras so you can find your perfect fit. If you feel uncomfortable getting measured by yourself, take a friend with you.

And remember: a wise woman once said, “Your friends are like your bra, close to your heart, and keeping you in place.”