Three Sports, Three Legacies

Sebastian Lena

UMass Boston athlete Katherine Wall is no juggler. But she does a damn good job portraying one by juggling soccer, hockey, and softball throughout the school year.

Remaining committed to one sports team is hard enough. But three? That’s another story.

“It’s definitely hard to give 150 percent to all three teams, all the time,” Wall says. “Most of the time, activities for one sport overlapped with another and I wasn’t able to do some team things. So often times I did miss out on that stuff.”

This would lead Wall to miss many vital preseason and post season games for her teams. Even tougher, the training regime for each sport differs. Being the dedicated athlete Wall is, this didn’t hold her back too long.

“I was able to get back into the groove of things pretty easily,” she says. “My love for the sports definitely gave me an edge to give my all to each of them.”

Training for all three teams would pretty much guarantee that she’d be working all year around. Wall sees that as an advantage.

“Playing all year round makes it a lot easier to stay focused because people have a watchful eye on you all the time,” she says. “There is always something more that you have to do in order to be successful and always having something to focus on made me stay in shape.”

That determination didn’t slip by her coaches unnoticed either.

“Katherine works hard on and off the field to accomplish what she wants,” says Beacons women’s soccer coach Amy Zombeck. “There have been few players in my coaching career here at UMass Boston and elsewhere that have the heart, pride, and determination that Katherine brings to our program.”

Beacons women’s hockey coach Maura Crowell brings up her leadership.

“She stepped up her leadership role during her senior year,” says Crowell. “She reached out to different players on the team and led by example. She was never a quiet person, but she evolved into a better motivator and leader by her senior year.”

With such praise comes with great expectations. But none greater than the ones she places on herself.

“I have put added pressure onto myself this year because I want to make sure that I go out with a bang,” Wall says. “I feel I have done a lot while I have been here, but this last season is huge for me because it is the end. I have an opportunity to leave a mark on people and leave on a positive note.”

Her coaches know how Wall will be remembered.

“Katherine will be remembered for her undying commitment to her teammates, coaches, and the university,” says Zombeck. “She has represented the University with the utmost respect on the field. She has battled through injuries and still has had tremendous success on the field.”

Crowell shares the same view.

“Katherine’s love of athletics, dedication to her teammates and overall passion for the sport of hockey defined her,” Crowell says. “That’s how I will remember Wall when she graduates.”

But how does Wall remember her years at UMass Boston?

“I have a lot of positive memories from being an athlete here,” she says. “Not many people can say they played three sports in college. When people ask what sport I play, the words they say after I tell them are one of the most rewarding things I’ve experienced.”

With her athletic ability, it wouldn’t be a surprise if she mastered juggling as well.