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Letter from the Editor

Well, the first week of school has come and gone and, to my knowledge, everyone survived intact. As all of you are starting to settle in on campus, so are we over here in the palatial Mass Media offices and we’re ramping up for quite a semester of informative and, hopefully, entertaining content that will make your lives a little easier and your day a little brighter.

As you start to readjust back into school, take some time to explore the campus and survey the options out there. Space is at such a premium on the campus that practically every nook, cranny and broom closet has some sort of organization or club doing something pretty cool.

The Harbor Arts Gallery, a hugely underutilized resource on campus, has a fantastic show that John Kane checked out and his head almost exploded. If you’re not the artsy type, Ryan Thomas and his crack team of sports scribes have written up some previews for fall sports that should give you a reason to take in a game on the pitch or in the gym this semester.

Finally, there are a lot of changes on campus from last semester from new faces, to new programs and even a new building in the works! Scroll your peepers about six inches to the right to get the full scoop.

However end up spending your time this semester, we hope you keep coming back here for all the latest in whatever affects your life on campus and off. Its gonna be a great semester and we’re just excited to be along for the ride.