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Ghost Town Review

With news of the economy failing and the most imminent presidential campaign in recent memory dominating the atmosphere, there’s really only one logical solution for solace: a by-the-books romantic comedy.

Though Ghost Town may be predictable, the cast of Ricky Gervais, Téa Leoni, and Greg Kinnear elevate this humdrum setup to a spiritual experience. Gervais plays a wonderful jerk, and those familiar with his work as the boss in Britain’s “The Office” know what to expect. His ability to spin the yarn of sentences excels as he portrays an antagonistic and socially awkward dentist. This movie would be very quotable if it weren’t so cleverly funny that you’ll be laughing too hard to remember it all.

This is a feel good movie, and it’s all the better for it. There’s not much to think about, and if I told you the ending right here and now, I wouldn’t be spoiling anything for you. Within the first fifteen minutes, the entire movie is mapped out. Yes, the dentist reforms and becomes quite the friendly character. This is romantic comedy meets The Frighteners.

But there’s really one thing I want to talk about; and that’s the Beatles. I am on occasion outraged when I hear the Beatles’ music taken in vain, in car commercials for example. So I was similarly suspicious when I heard “I’m Looking Through You,” one of my all time favorite songs, accompanying the trailer for this movie. It also played during the opening credits. However, my suspicions were allayed when the movie was over, and I realized that the chorus of “I’m looking through you/you’re not the same” did more than just describe Greg Kinnear’s transformation from a living, breathing jerk to an ethereal jerk very well (get it, ’cause you can see through ghosts!?). The song correctly portrays the fickleness of love and relationships that pervades the film. However, the movie still isn’t nearly as complex as that song is.

My point is this: if you really want to just feel good at the movies, go and see Ghost Town. It’s clever, it’s funny, and it’s warm-hearted.