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The Outlandish Prices of Corporate Colleges

To the editor,

Some years ago-on several occasions-I made direct contact with the president of UMass imploring him to inaugurate a law school that would serve the needs of the public. It is nothing more than politics and pure greed on the part of the private sector in their attempts to led the Commonwealth away from such a noble initiative. Frankly, I am fed up with the rotten politics of self-serving power-mongers.

I’ve been told that competition is high in Massachusetts and that it wouldn’t be appropriate for UMass to initiate a law school when so many others already exist. But, UMass folks, for an educated bunch you seemed to have missed the point entirely. The purpose of a public institution is to “serve the public.” Where has this focus gone?

How can it be that so many capable, tax-paying students, who do not have the financial resources to attend the private “biggy colleges/universities,” end up on the outside looking in, while Mr. Rich Guy makes it through the Ivy League institution?

Remember, you work for me-the public-and you have just been given an order! The students of our Commonwealth deserve a quality public law school that they can afford. It is about time for a merger between the Southeastern Mass. School of Law and UMass Dartmouth. Why did you wait so long? I, and many others, could have aquired a law degree years ago, but couldn’t then (or now) afford the outlandish price of corporate colleges/universities.

The excuses of the past were deplorable. You want to make an impression? Do your jobs. A PUBLIC law school NOW! It’s your duty, it’s our money, pure and simple. Do it now.

Adalino Cabral

Boston, MA