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Stone’s Stunner

It never seems to fail.

The Patriots have dug themselves out of an 0-2 hole this season under second year QB Tom Brady. However, somebody has risen to disrupt the party.

Enter Terry Glenn.

Last week, Glenn argued that he missed a drug test earlier in the season because he has chronic depression, a federally recognized disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act. He is now considering suing the NFL for failing to consider his “disability” before the league suspended him for four games at the beginning of the season.

Maybe Bill Parcells was right about Terry. Perhaps we should start calling him Glennda.

Seriously, Terry’s depressed?

What reason does a pro athlete have to be depressed? The worst thing could be that the car dealership he went to didn’t have that ’57 Chevy that he was itching to buy.

Oh, I feel for you there, Glennda.

I don’t care what the ADA says-chronic depression is not a disability. If it were, we would have 75 percent of the nation filling out acceptance forms.

There have been players with disabilities who have not complained and whined that they couldn’t do something as a result. One example would be ex-Angels starting pitcher Jim Abbott. The man only had one fully developed arm and not only was he able to play, but dominated for a period of time with California.

A more recent example would be the New York Rangers’ Bryan Berard. Last season when he was playing with Toronto, he was struck in the face with a puck flying at approximately 90 MPH, making him legally blind. Yet, Berard has been lacing up the skates every night and has done pretty well for the Blue Shirts so far this year.

To be fair, there are some people who are truly depressed to the point where it inhibits their ability to work.

Glennda isn’t one of them. Anybody who is making in the millions of dollars and has had the kind of success that Terry has had over the last several years doesn’t have the right to be depressed. There are many people who would be happy enough to pee into a cup so that they could play just one game in the NFL.

Terry, why don’t you just shut up and play some football? All of your whining has made me hungry for cheese.

Well, maybe that’s appropriate with your cheesy lawsuit you are planning. Grow up, Glennda!