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Stone’s Stunner

Here we are, eleven weeks into the NFL season and the Patriots are at 6-5. All of this winning has come from Michigan product Tom Brady. Meanwhile, Drew Bledsoe continues to sit on the bench despite being cleared to return to play two weeks ago.

No need to worry…The Franchise will return!

While it is true that Brady has gone 6-3 compared to Bledsoe’s 0-2 this season, one cannot be quick to discard Drew.

Some Patriots fans have apparently turned on the man that led them to a Super Bowl just five years ago and has represented the team at the Pro Bowl in Hawaii. He also literally risked life and limb when he collided with the Jets Mo Lewis in Week 2, knocking him from the game and sending him to Mass. General.

How can all of you who have said, “Drew’s washed up-trade him,” live with yourselves?

I know it sounds like I’m being paid by The Franchise himself to defend him. Well, I’m not (though if Drew wants to drop off a million at my house, he is welcome to do so). I just believe it is not fair to lose your job on the basis of being injured. True, the team is winning and has a chance at making the playoffs, but how would you feel if you hurt your back at your job, was out for a couple months, and came back only to find yourself without a place to work?

Drew is still making his salary though-roughly $10 million for this year alone. He is easily the highest paid backup in the NFL. Therefore, the Pats need to trade either Brady or Bledsoe.

Bledsoe, 29, is at the beginning of a 10-year, $100 million contract. Brady, 24, rejected a contract offer from the Patriots at the beginning of the season, meaning he’ll be a free agent after this year.

Trade Tom!

No team is going to take Bledsoe’s salary and even if they do, what are you going to get for him? Oh yeah, I want a first-round draft pick for a possible Hall of Fame quarterback. The Pats have had as much success with first round picks in recent years as John Goodman has had with a centerfold spread in Playgirl magazine.

Therefore, the Pats need to get something in return for Brady. He’s going to want good money in 2002 and New England might as well try to get a positional player for Tom while they still can.

Drew’s not going anywhere, whether you like it or not.