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The Decals Stick

In a music world ruled by bubble gum pop, it’s nice to know there’s still a band your parents will hate. The punk band, The Decals, rocked T.T. the Bear’s Saturday night.

Bypassing technical difficulties and a less than zealous crowd, they played with energy and talent. The band showed their strength as they sang on through screeching microphone feedback. Surprisingly, the songs were still enjoyable.

The two-year-old band, whose freshman album “Drive By, Kiss Off” hits stores in a month, says that when they started they “were just out to make a group that rocked.”

Fronted by the female half of the band, the vocals were strong and the lyrics angry. “We don’t write happy songs” remarked Michelle Paulhus (bass, vocals) before the show, “Its not that we’re not happy, it’s just not what our band is about.”

What is the band about? It’s a throwback to bands like The Ramones, The Sex Pistols, and Johnny Thunders. The group also has a rare but good mix of both men and women that works for them. “It helps us appeal to everyone,” says Gino Zanetti (drummer).

Though the songs are loud and angry, they are still fun. Do not see this band expecting dark emotional rock. You are much more likely to hear a voice singing madly about how much her ex-boyfriend “sucks,” rather than the perils of her depressing soul.

With a Joan Jett sound soon this Boston band should be gaining national exposure. Packaged with melodic whining, heavy bass, and classic guitar solos, the band has everything you could want for a fun night out. The Decals is a party band and they know it, but they could not be happier. The band-mates flaunt their carefree attitude as they gulp their drinks in between songs.

When asked about their newfound fame, they laughed. “That would be nice, but tomorrow we’re going back to our jobs at Burger King,” joked Gino Zanetti (drummer).

But would this band give up their edge, as so many had had before; crossing over to light pop rock just for a video on MTV?

“Never.” The Decals definitely do not have the hardest sound in the world, but to them, the path of Savage Garden or Sugar Ray would be a fate worse than death. Though they are not shy to fame, The Decals cannot stand the idea of their music being transformed into sugarcoated pop suitable for thirteen-year-old girls.

To catch The Decals live, see them at their record release party November 10th at TT the Bears. For more information on The Decals go to www.thedecals.com