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Stone’s Stunner: California Love

A great poet once said, “California knows how to party.”

This master of such rhythm and rhyme was none other than the deceased (or is he?) Tupac Shakur.

Nevertheless, Mr. Shakur was correct with his assessment of the Golden State. With the dismay of many of the Boston teams over my 12 years of watching them, I have begun to think that maybe I should move 3,000 miles across the country. I have a few reasons for my thinking.

First of all, baseball is much more exciting in California than it is in Boston. Though there is a much more laid back attitude there than the media frenzy surrounding the Red Sox, there has been more success stories in Cali. San Francisco’s Barry Bonds broke the major league homerun record with the 73 that he clubbed in 2001. The only number obtained by the Red Sox this year that comes close to that would be the number of times Crazy Carl Everett flipped out on the media. Throw in the fact that the Oakland Athletics are in the playoffs and members of the Red Sox are sitting at home and watching them. It shows baseball is more entertaining there than it is here.

Next sport-same result.

The Boston Celtics continue their rebuilding phase in the 2001-2002 season. The last championship banner raised to the rafters in Boston was in 1986. Now, if you take your attention and focus it on Los Angeles, you would find a different story. Sure, the Clippers have been weaker than a leprechaun trying to lift a gorilla, but the Lakers pick up the slack for their neighbors. Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant have led their team to back-to-back championships and are the hands on favorite to run to their third straight in 2002.

Boston is a hockey town and nobody in California is better than the Bruins (Sharks? Ducks? What’s the deal?), so we will move on.

My final example would be a comparison on the football field. While the Patriots have looked as bad as a Pop Warner football squad, a team in California is starting to emerge. The San Diego Chargers have opened many eyes with their quick start and they have running back LaDainian Tomlinson and Boston’s favorite son Doug Flutie to thank for their success. As much as a Patriots’ fan that I am, I still had to go out and buy my number 7 Flutie home jersey. Maybe I will travel out to California then. It keeps becoming a better idea every day that goes by. Of course, I may not have that choice because I may be run out of Massachusetts by angry New England fans. But I always have a place to stay in Tehachapi, right Morgan? Thanks sweety.