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Stone’s Stunner

Mike Stone

Mike Stone

There are rumors circulating around that the Speed Dog himself, Mo Vaughn, wants to come back to Boston. There are also rumors that when Drew Bledsoe finally gets healthy and returns to the Patriots, rookie Tom Brady will have replaced him.

Folks, that’s why we call them rumors.

I would love to see number 42 resurrected onto the back of a Red Sox uniform. However, a couple of things kill this chance.

For one thing, Vaughn is under contract with the Anaheim Angels for another three years and they sure aren’t ready to part with their star first baseman whom they’ve had since 1999. Even if the Angels didn’t want the 1995 AL MVP anymore, should the Sox trade for him?

We are talking about a man with a salary near $13 million a year and has not been the same since he sprained his ankle in his first game as an Angel back in ’99.

Vaughn says he made a mistake when he left Boston.

Yes you did, Mo. You went from Boston to Anaheim. That’s like trading in a Ford for a Pinto. At least people were watching you on TV in Boston. They are too busy with their laid back lives in California to care about you or the Disney-owned franchise that you currently play for.

Now a man who knows the importance of playing in this area and didn’t pass on it would be the good ol’ number 11 for the Pats-Drew Bledsoe.

The slow, unintelligible fans who like to find problems with Bledsoe are now back.

I don’t think so! Stoney don’t play that!

Bledsoe suffered a life threatening injury after taking a shot in the game against the Jets during the second week of the season. Therefore, Drew basically risked his life in order to attempt to get yardage for his team.

Brady who?

True, the rookie has put up decent numbers in his first games as a starter, but he is definitely not in the same tier as Bledsoe. It’s disturbing to see how many people can turn their backs on a player such as Drew that lead his team to a Super Bowl and numerous playoff appearances. In the BB (or Before Bledsoe) era, the Patriots were a team that won one-to-two games a year and didn’t even make it onto local TV because they never sold out. I didn’t even know what the Patriots’ uniforms looked like until they actually sold out a game at Foxboro, and that was because 60,000 or so New Yorkers made the journey up here to watch the Giants.

Bledsoe is one of the top five quarterbacks in the NFL and will surely be in the Hall of Fame in roughly 15-20 years. Sure, I know a lot of you don’t agree with me. Just give me a ring in 2022 and I’ll be able to say, “I told you so.”

Like it or not, Mo will stay in Anaheim and Bledsoe will be the starter as soon as he returns.

Man, why do I have to be right all the time?