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Stone’s Stunner: Me Negative? Never!

Sometimes I get criticized by those around me about my view on the world of sports. From “Mike, why so bitter?” to, “Can’t you say anything nice about a team?”

Well, my mom always told me if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all.

Sorry mom, I didn’t listen.

Reality and optimism aren’t necessarily in the same boat, especially in the mecca of sports disillusionment…Boston.

The latest event that brought “Beantown Blundering” to my mind was the celebration of Ray Bourque Night last Thursday at the FleetCenter.

Bourque deserved every moment that he got cheered, but isn’t it kind of sad that the Captain had to leave his hometown to sip once from Lord Stanley’s Cup? Many people will blame then GM Harry Sinden for trading the perennial All Star. Others will blame number 77 himself for requesting to be dealt. However, blame can only be pointed in the general direction of one man…

Jeremy Jacobs.

The Bruins’ owner has never, and I mean NEVER (there I go, being negative again), attempted to bring a winning team to the city of Boston.

Strong evidence of this would be his inability to attract any high-priced free agents. As a matter of fact, up until roughly five years ago, nobody on the Bruins’ roster was making more than $3 million a year-a number considered “chump change” in the NHL.

Jacobs’ main concern is to get into the playoffs for just one round in order to collect the extra revenue for home games. The Bruins are one of the few professional sports teams that actually makes money every year.

Of course you’re going to make money when you don’t pay your players. That’s why the Bruins’ organization hasn’t won a title since 1972.

But I’m being Mr. Negative again, my bad!

All I am saying is that the B’s would be better off if Jacobs woke up one morning and decided, “Hey, I’m going to sell the team today!” Then again, there are the rumors that he is in the running to buy the Red Sox.

Great, just what we need-somebody to take control of the BoSox who doesn’t pay free agents and doesn’t have any championships to show for it.

Oh wait, the Sox have somebody in charge that does that already.

You know what? I like my negativity.

Thanks mom!