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Annual Latino Multicultural Festival To Be Held November 2nd

Casa Latina will be introducing a wonderful “jamboree” of cultural performers on Friday, November 2 at their 6th Annual Latino Multicultural Festival. Beginning at 7:00pm, the center will present musical groups displaying some folklore dance and cultural traditions to accentuate the beauty of our diversity.

Up first is a Colombian group called Bajucol, using music and folklore to represent their culture. Next up is Xuchipili (pronounced: suchee-peelie) a moriachy group, representing Mexico. The Lawrence Ballet Academy will represent a variety of countries, from the Dominican Republic to Peru, including a more modern “hip-hop” dance to represent the United States.

Jam’ Nastics will be representing Cuba at the 6th Annual Latino Multicultural Festival. “This is about different folkloric tradition and culture, not about the ‘meringue or salsa,’ it goes down to cultural and traditional dance,” explains Mayerlin Fana, the coordinator of Casa Latina.

The Tango Society of Boston representing Argentina will certainly get people moving. Finally, with two Mexican dances and one Brazilian, the kids from La Pinata will be performing. These are the children that Casa Latina supports once a week as educational mentors. And just so there is no lull in the action, Casa Latina has hired a live DJ to run some songs in between the cultural performances.

Casa Latina and The Latin Coalition are sponsoring this new tradition at UMB to bring together “everyone and anyone” to tickle their feet to dance and to learn a little about other cultures. Fana explained that Chancellor JoAnn Gora and the deans of all UMB colleges have been invited. Ed Toomey, the assistant to the chancellor, has also received a welcomed invitation. “He’s kind of like Casa Latina’s godfather,” expressed Fana. “He has helped us out a lot.”

Everyone will be brought together inside Snowden Auditorium on this evening. Differences will be put aside and people will explore one another and learn from the culture that passes through the dance and traditions of the groups on hand.

El Oriental De Cuba, of Jamaica Plain, will provide the food. The festivities start at 7 p.m. and go until 10:30 p.m. in the Snowden Auditorium. So keep your calendar clear for Friday night November 2, and make sure you bring a dance partner. Get ready at 10 o’clock because Casa Latina is going to start pulling people up on stage to represent their own personal forms of cultural expressions.