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Perhaps We’ll Get A Refund

On Wednesday, Oct. 10, the Chancellor is hosting a campus-wide cookout. It is nice to see an event that will include all of the members of the campus community that is planned ahead of time and well publicized.

Through the Chancellor’s weekly message this event has been publicized for two weeks in a row, and it has been posted on the roadside sign as you enter the campus. Students, faculty and staff have been well informed of the coming event. Students can’t miss it.

During a recent week the Student Arts and Events Council (SAEC) decided to purchase pizzas for the students. And the group did just that, and ordered stacks and stacks of pizzas. Did you miss it? Most people did, only hearing about it after the fact. The arrival of the food surprised almost everybody, even the people who were enlisted to distribute the slices.

It has been compared to a guerilla attack. The food appeared, was tossed around, and it disappeared. It wasn’t an event, it wasn’t organized and it wasn’t publicized-it was just a punch in the dark. It didn’t help build community. People didn’t know the food was coming, and missed it, or had just purchased lunch, or whatever, but whatever it was it wasn’t a community event.

Maybe the SAEC can’t be criticized because they haven’t done much yet. But the majority of the editors feel that not having done anything is worthy of criticism itself.

This year there was a very large carry forward of funds remaining in the SATF from last year. The SATF is the Student Activities [fee] Trust Fund. The reason there was such a large carry forward is because there were so few student activities last year. Those students who paid the fee last year obviously didn’t get their money worth. Perhaps they should have gotten a refund instead of giving the money to this year’s students.

And perhaps the money we’ve paid this year will end up going to next year’s students. Unless there’s a lot more guerilla-style pizza deliveries.