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Sat, Nov. 3-Anybody interested in photovoltaics? Well, this workshop’s for you. The Northeast Sustainable Energy Assoc. presents a full day workshop on photovoltaics with Richard Gottlieb and Carol Levin of Sunnyside Solar. It’s from 9:30-4 at ASE America’s Plant, Billerica, MA. For more info email: [email protected]

Mon, Nov. 5-Those ECOS seminars keep doin’ it to ya’. This time Dr. Gerald Matisoff, professor and chair, Dept. of Geological Sciences, Case Western Reserve University is gonna’ rap about “Effects of Microinvertibrate Faunal Succession on Pore Water Geochemistry in Lake Erie Sediments.” Well, I’m glad someone’s looking into that! As always: 2:30-4, Small Science Auditorium, Science Building, 1st floor, S1-006.

Wed, Nov. 7-ECOS loves a seminar! Dr. Karen Von Damm, Professor of Geochemistry, Complex Systems Research Center, U/New Hampshire is gonna’ take you for a ride with “Controls on the Composition of Mid-Ocean Ridge Hydrothermal Systems.” Wooh! You know the drill.

Thur, Nov. 8-“Childhood Lukemia: Added Risk From Use of Electricity,” a discussion about what is known about the risk factors of childhood lukemia and whether there are any mechanistic reasons why electricity might lead to increased risk. It’s from 8-5:30 at the Museum for our National Heritage in Lexington, MA. To register, call Tim Sloate: 617-432-3483, or email him: [email protected] Fri, Nov. 9-Healing Nature, Repairing Relationships – The Restoration of Ecological Spaces and Consciousness. A panel discussion by landscape architects about theoretical, spiritual and practical issues underlying ecological restoration and cultural renewal. Attendance is limited and registration fees may apply. For all the 411 on time, place, accessibility, and registering, call Erin Sweeney: 617-495-0647, or go to: www.gsd.harvard.edu/news/conferences/restoration/ Fri, Sat, Nov. 9The 2nd Annual Campus Environmental Leadership Summit of New England is being held at Brandeis this year. Last year they got over 425 students to come out to collaborate with BASEC, a student run coalition of student activists run out of Harvard, (bright kids) to identify, recruit, and strengthen students’ abilities to get active on campus and in their communities. Should be cool, and you’ll only have to miss a day of school, (consider it a short vacation for a good cause). Contact: [email protected] for more info.

*If you have any info. on upcoming events, or you want to post an event of your own in the Green Corner Calendar, just drop a line with the 411 to: [email protected]