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America’s Nightmare

On Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2001, thousands of people began filing into work for what seemingly was to be a normal Manhattan morning. Most of America was just beginning to awake when an unfathomable and surreal disaster opened our eyes to a shocking reality. One commercial airplane struck the north tower of the World Trade Center. The crash was viewed at first as an accident until another plane collided into the south tower. It was at that moment painfully obvious that this was no mistake.

While in Florida, President Bush named the catastrophe “an apparent terrorist attack and a national tragedy.” The cataclysm of events had just begun to unfold when a third plane crashed just outside Washington D.C., causing some destruction to the Pentagon. Government officials, aware of the present terrorist attacks, evacuated the Capitol and the White House evading another possible threat.

The World Trade Center was still standing when an innumerable amount of people scrambled to escape from the imploded floors, perhaps not realizing the atrocity of what was happening. One hour after being struck, one of the towers of the World Trade Center collapsed. Thirty minutes later, the second tower fell. Scattered and frantic, people ran for their lives away from the building, chased by the mother cloud of smoke. As of press time, the official number of missing people from the attack has escalated to 5,097. The fourth plane crashed in the woods of Western Pennsylvania, together killing hundreds more.

The nation is slowly piecing together this malicious jigsaw puzzle, day after day unleashing new relics responsible within the meticulous five year planning for what now lies at our feet. With 40,000 leads to go on, the FBI has thousands of agents following every one.

Almost positively, the madman in charge of this is Saudi-born Osama bin Laden. This reasoning lies in the fact that he has contributed to many destructions in the past. Already a much-wanted criminal, bin Laden is a leader of Taliban Afghan guerillas and Afghanistan is No.1 on the target, responsible for a barrage of terrorist actions. There is no justifiable reasoning for the deaths of innocent civilians. What has happened is beyond hatred. It lies in a psychotic devotion to a tainted god, not an Almighty God, who truly would never ask for humans to kill in cold blood. Osama bin Laden is the leader of this twisted influence taught to generations very young, implanting hateful view in their minds. However, it is imperative for everyone, to realize that not all associated with Arabic culture, primarily the Arabic language share the same hatred. Other ethnic groups cannot assume so and lash out at them because that would be as ignorant as the killers responsible for this physical and mental destruction. With such violence displayed around the nation, the country has to remember that everyone, besides terrorists, who lives in America has already been threatened.

President Bush has revealed sympathetic compassion for the countries “fallen angels” and vows to “whip terrorism” by “coming together.” Until last week, our generation has been a virgin to attacks as horrific as this. The attacks have surfaced consequences which will affect our future. The first war of the 21st century is slowly but surely being planned. Nations such as Russia, our declared enemy Iran, India, and others discussed assisting the U.S. against Taliban forces. Pakistan however, says that without proof of the deviant master at fault, they will not allow their country’s territory and resources to be used against him.

It is no surprise to many that Logan Airport was the much studied and designated location chosen by the 19 hijackers, trained in the country, to take over, navigate and fly the planes. Security was, after the act, and is currently, tightening profusely. Logan Airport has reopened and provides limited flights.

A “mighty giant” has been roused, but might it have been sleeping for too long? Many wonder where our defense was last week. We have wired conversations of bin Laden speaking about the planned havoc that would be “like nothing we’ve ever seen before,” aimed to hit our nation in three weeks. Threats like these have been made before, so many that it’s been difficult to ascertain which ones were real or not.

It remains a possibility that the fourth plane, flight 93, which crashed in Pennsylvania was shot down by U.S. jets. The otherplanes hit too quickly for U.S defense tactics to be utilized. Thethird plane that hit the Pentagonwas flying too low on the radar toaim and shoot, and too fast to prepare for. The nation has been comforted and without thoughts of heightened security until now. Some freedom has been sacrificed willingly for more security. Perhaps it’s about time.

As a student I think punishment should be indefinite andshould be for those involved, butwe have lost enough without awar. The cycle of killing has to stop. In other words, killing innocent people in Palestine and Afghanistan will only create more poverty and war. It will create more terrorism like we have now seen, making us even more vicious then many originally believed, maintaining the followers of bin Laden’s existing hatred towards us, and continuing the back and forth torture we have known for too long. It takes more power and courage to stabilize peace.

However, America must fight back against all those who live to terrorize and joining with other nations will supply essential victory. “An eye for an eye creates a world of blindness,” Gandhi lamented, but many would think twice before they committed their crimes if they were promised equal suffering. This type of harsh punishment may protect more than it will be feared.

Honestly, I have much faith in our generation to decide the right thing but we are not the deciders and so again we are puppets for our elders to maneuver around. We are held in the country’s past grudges that will be passed down to us. Possibly I’m naïve to hope that we have seen enough bloodshed and without a doubt, share the ultimate imagination of a world finally lost of fear and segregation.

The human side of this mess is slowly being revealed and our country is changed by this new forced perception. Thousands of employees have lost their positions at Logan airport and many are tormented by the thought of flying. T.V. and the media have and are currently shifting to eliminate excess violence from being portrayed to viewers at such a sensitive time. Sports fans have calmed what is now seen as matters of trivial victories compared to the battle the country is facing. Professional players are not ready to dismiss themselves from respectful mourning to “play games.” The New York Stock Exchange reopened after a four-day shut down, guarded now by the National Guard for heightened security.

Millions are more aware of the fragility of life around them. However, life must be lived for those who still have it and for those who don’t, prayers are and should continue to be made so that victims and their loved ones may find peace.