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The Blue Plate Epicurean

I figured I would start my first restaurant review with the most important meal of the day, breakfast.

My friends and I visited a diner only a car’s drive away from campus. Although many of us have an 8:30 class and can make it to the MacCormack or Wheatley cafeterias for an omelet or any of the many other breakfast options, there are still a large number of students who like to sleep in and schedule their day accordingly. I have found a perfect solution to this breakfast dilemma.

A must try is Victoria’s Diner on Mass Ave in Dorchester, which serves breakfast all day. It’s a diner straight out of the beginning of the industrial era with historical photographs of famous Boston sites hanging on the walls.

Victoria’s interior is peppered with nostalgic images from the Downtown Crossing of the 1920’s, views of the city before it had a skyline and the crowds of stylishly-dressed Bostonians bustling in and out of the shops. The wood-paneled interior of this cozy little time capsule harkened feelings of home, while the food makes you wonder if your mother is actually working in the kitchen.

After a warm and heartfelt welcome by a man we called “Uncle Vic,” we were directed to a corner booth. Yes, we got a booth without a special request. Attended by the wit and wisdom of our down-to-earth waitress, we poured over the multitude of mouth-watering selections made available to us at nearly one in the afternoon. A glass of ice water was placed in front of each of us, unprompted by any request.

Now let’s talk about the food. Yum. No, actually, YUM! My group ordered strictly from the breakfast menu, although the full menu offered to us made it tempting to sway from my original plan. While awaiting our food, we watched mile-high sandwiches and overstocked chef salads bursting with meats and cheeses pass us by, wafting aromas that caused our mouths to water and our stomachs to grown.

I was concerned for a short time that my order would never satisfy my increasing appetite. My concerns were quickly assuaged. My ham and cheese omelet was overstuffed and more than enough. Okay, it was a little strange that they served it with French fries and not home fries, but I’m over it. The pancakes and French toast were skillfully browned and lovingly bronzed with a thin coat of real butter and maple syrup. I know this sounds pretty corny, but these comfort foods reminded my entire group that simple pleasures are really what life is all about.

Something as simple as coffee is the hallmark of a well-established diner, Victoria’s coffee, while not Starbucks, was freshly brewed and presented to us piping hot, rich tasting, and bottomless. We were more than satisfied with our experience and with coffee or juice for each of us, we managed to keep the bill under $25.

So go ahead and sleep late tomorrow, Victoria’s Diner isn’t afraid to serve you breakfast for lunch. And I admit I live by the rule of ‘do as I say and not as I do’, so leave room for dessert they look like grandma made em’

If breakfast is not what you are looking for, Victoria’s will surely accommodate you. This small restaurant has quite an ambitious menu. The diner is located right in the heart of the new market area, surrounded by local meat, seafood, and produce purveyors allowing them to provide the freshest product available. They offer an array of seafood dishes including fresh salmon, Boston schrod and a seafood platter that will knock your socks off.


Victoria’s Diner

1024 Massachusetts Avenue

Boston, MA 02118