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Another Big Year For UMB Theater

Last semester, there were four full-length theater productions and eight short plays performed. The fall semester looks to be just as jam-packed with theater events as the spring.

The Division of Theater Arts and Communications has announced that its Drama Workshop this semester will consist of not one, but three plays: “Trifles” by Susan Glaspell, “The Jewish Wife” by Bertolt Brecht, and “The Incident at Vichy” by Arthur Miller.

“All three are plays of social significance, united by themes of encountering prejudice,” says Professor Ron Nash, who will direct. The plays will be shown November 29 through December 8 at the McCormack Theater.

The theater department will also host a Dance Concert, performed and choreographed by UMass Boston students. The Dance Concert is tentatively scheduled for December 14 and 15 at the McCormack Theater.

UMB alumnus Lorna Nogueira will be directing “Good Night Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet)” by Ann Marie MacDonald. “Desdemona” is a comedic romp in which the heroine – Shakespearean scholar Constance Ledbelly – is flung into the world of the Bard’s plays, including encounters with Othello, Iago, Romeo and Juliet. “Good Night Desdemona” will be performed November 7-17 at the McCormack Theater.

The Harbor Arts Gallery, (through curator Ian Boyd and UMB Theater Arts students Larry Bryant and Jeremy Narbunshart), has announced plans to host a series of “black box theater” productions. These short plays will be performed on Thursday nights in the Harbor Arts Gallery, beginning in October. The titles of plays were not available at press time.