Coffee Talk


Devon Portney and Saul Rafique

Coffee is an essential component of any college student’s day. After scoping out all the beaneries on campus, we decided that this is what you should know. Below we have compared and rated all the coffee on campus. We have used the four star system to show where you can have the best coffee experience

Name: Jazzman CafeLocation: Healey, 2nd FloorCoffee: Price: tall- $1.50, grande- $1.75, supreme- $2.00Ambiance: out front high traffic, round back computers and tables, espresso drinks available, and an espresso bar, and flavor shots available

Location: Wheatley, 3rd FloorCoffee: Price: small- $1.40, large- $1.75Ambiance: retro décor and friendly staff contribute to a tasty cup of mild coffee

Name: Wit’s End KioskLocation: Wheatley, 1st FloorCoffee: Price: small- $1.40, large- $1.75Ambiance: noisy, high traffic, freezing in the winter, but the coffee is still good

Name: Boston ExpressLocation: McCormack, 1st FloorCoffee: StarbucksPrice: small- $1.55, medium- $1.80, large- $2.00Ambiance: noisier, high traffic, increased by lousy floor layout, and just as freezing in winter

Name: CafeteriaLocation: Campus Center, 1st FloorCoffee: Green Mountain Coffee RoastersPrice: small- $1.30, medium- $1.55Ambiance: smells a lot like Burger King, but plenty of seating is available

Name: Atrium CafeLocation: Campus Center, Upper LevelCoffee: Seattle’s Best Price: small- $1.55, medium- $1.80Special promotion: order a breakfast sandwich and get a small coffee for $1.39Ambiance: quick and friendly service, espresso drinks available, and comfortable seatingOverall Rating: 3 1/2