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Campus Courting

Welcome back to Campus Courting. Interesting questions keep piling in – in various, spicy forms. I can’t answer them all in one issue, but I’m focusing on the wild and most immediate questions now, before these kids go nuts.-Queen Roxanne

My boyfriend and I have been dating for four months and our sex-life has grown boring and monotonous. I don’t want to tell him this I think he’ll feel bad. I like him a lot and I don’t want to break up, but I keep feeling like cheating on him just for the pure excitement of it. What to do?-Anonymous

This problem presents itself in a lot of relationships. The honeymoon period is over and you get stuck in a rut. There are so many solutions to this problem if you’re still sexually attracted to him. If you’re no longer sexually attracted to him I suggest you stop holding on. If you two aren’t planning on getting married, you might as well venture off and find someone who can fulfill your needs. As humans it is sometimes difficult to stay with one mate for an extended period of time. But, if you are invested in him sexually, mentally and emotionally, than you just need to spice it up in the bedroom. Sometimes people are repressed sexually, which is caused from insecurities or other social factors, perhaps a religious upbringing. But sex should be the place where you are most liberated, especially with your boyfriend. So, break loose and try new things. You could invite another person into the bedroom. Men are often less open to interacting with other men, but a lot of woman find bisexual experimentation exciting, sexy, and fun. If you are free enough and confident enough with the bond you have with your boyfriend, then add a lady into the bedroom. Maybe going all the way in a three some is something you aren’t ready for. Maybe kissing and simple petting is something that you and your man could try out. Your boyfriend will perk right up. There are also lots of fun sex shops in Boston. “Amazing” on Boylston St. has helpful workers full of inventive ideas. There are sex games to play and toys to explore. Grab a book on karma sutra if need be. You may just be too used to each other. If you always sit in watching movies and you are passing the popcorn more than you are passing steamy glances then you need to get out! Get off that couch and go out dancing, rent a hotel room in the city. Get in that Jacuzzi and heat things up.

I had a drunken one-night stand with a guy from school who I am so not attracted to. Now I see him every other day on campus. So far I have been hiding from him, but soon I’m afraid he’ll see me. What do I do? -Anonymous

Most everyone has been a victim in this situation; the tragic walk of shame down Wheatley Hall, keeping your eyes peeled for your one-night companion, face burning red. It’s definitely distracting from one’s schoolwork and social life, but it’s not uncommon. There are two things you can do. One is to completely avoid him forever, or for as long as fate permits. But, this option is unrealistic. Having a racing heart, incessantly heavy breathing and near anxiety attacks over one aimless wild night is an unnecessary burden a young woman like yourself should be carrying. You must step up to the plate and be true to yourself and your decisions. Yes, sometimes alcohol makes you do things you wouldn’t normally do. Enough of it can even make you attracted to inanimate objects, but hey we’re all allowed to make mistakes. My advice is to acknowledge him. Walk tall and with confidence up to him in the hall, or outside in the courtyard, preferably without his joking buddies around. Be pleasant and say “Hey, what’s up?” You don’t need to explain to him what you’re feeling, unless you have genuine feelings for him, which it sounds like you don’t. You don’t need to tell him it was a mistake, your avoidance of him for the past week has probably made him aware that you aren’t interested in pursuing anything further. Now that you’ve acknowledged him once you don’t have to do it again. Smile, tell him to “have a good day” and peace out. It’s done. Just think: if you had gotten pregnant you’d be forced to talk to him. Slow down on the whiskey, sister. Sloppy sluts aren’t so not chic.

I have a crush on my hot biology TA. I can’t tell if he likes me, he seems a bit flirtatious. If he likes me is it inappropriate to pursue something? I want him, what do I do?-Anonymous

Oh, child I feel you. Authority figures are very attractive and their control, dominance and power is alluring to us women. Just look at Bill Clinton. TA to student relations isn’t as inappropriate as professor student relations, although that happens too. There is one hot English professor I’m sure all the ladies want. If you want to pursue this man, you need to make sure he knows you aren’t attempting to get a better grade, and you need to connect with him on a level other than biology. You could do a few things; ask him to tutor you outside of class just to get your courage up. Break into conversation that doesn’t relate to the studying. Make sure you go to class looking fresh, and be attentive. Speak up so you give him a good impression, suck on the top of your pen seductively and the last week of classes give him a “Thank you card”, or a simple note, letting him know you’ve appreciated his assistance in class, leave your number that says “Call me if you want to talk Biology, or other things” draw a heart and sign your name. There is a great place in Central Square, “The Miracle of Science” that’d be perfect for you two to go to. With the semester over, summer coming and the ball in his court; you may have just ‘blinded him with science’.

If all else fails there’s always masturbation.-Queen Roxanne.Email [email protected]